(SimJune): Summer is here

Ahh, Summer time! I am missing that right now, here in cold Denmark.

Let’s start off with something cute! :yahoo:

Chase and Carl are toddlers!! (Let’s get that boring baby period over and done with :thumbs: )


They now have a bio page of their own; one for Chase, one for Carl.



With Gabriel, Dylan and Mike

Gabriel had invited his buddies over to his house for a “bro bbq” :cheers:


They stuffed their faces with hotdogs, followed by many drinks!



Dylan was nervous…. He was itching to tell the whole world about how in love with Erica he is! :heartpump:
(Remember their fateful boat/camping trip?)

He just needed to find the right time to tell Gabriel. His best friend… and father of Erica’s son. :scratch:


:lol: Mike may have had a bit too much to drink!


The guys had a fun evening drinking and playing video games.



They went upstairs to the terrace for more drinks.

Dylan was gathering his courage…


Poor Mike couldn’t hold his licquor, and passed out on a deck chair :chuckle:


Dylan seized the opportunity, and came clean to Gabriel!

Dylan: I love Erica!

Gabriel: Uhm… wow! … okay!  I’m okay with that.


Dylan quickly said goodbye, and rushed to Erica‘s house (even though it was very late!)

Dylan: We don’t have to sneak around any more!


Visit from the islands

It was early on the Woods-Copur household, and Willa and Eric were enjoying a lovely breakfast of pancakes (they always have pancakes in their fridge!), when  they heard a knock on their front door.


Willa’s parents, Ivy and Simon!


They were visiting from Isla Paradiso, where they live and work. They give yoga and mindfulness classes to the tourists :nod:

They were visiting Bimlico to attend the wedding of their other daughter, Naima!

… and of course to finally meet their grandchild, Rio!!



Ivy and Simon don’t need any luxury! They set their tent up in the garden, and – as always – started the day off with some yoga :nod:



Fast forward to the wedding! Naima had invited all her and Shannon’s best friends to attend a romantic wedding ceremony, reception and party at the Sculpture Garden & Café (small spoiler in that tour :sorry: )



It was a beautiful ceremony! Willa was so happy, she completely forgot to sit down! ( :roll: )



Naima thought the cake was just perfect! :cry:



Look at these idiots! :facepalm: They stood there all night, I couldn’t make them stop clapping and throwing rice :mad:


Aaaaaw, this was so beautiful! Each bride (autonomously) sat with her sister to have cake :sigh:
Naima and Willa.


Shannon and Erica (…and Lucia).


As the sun set, the party began!


Naima stole her bride away for a romantic moment :flirty:


The party went on most of the night!


When the newlyweds came home, Shannon was just about to ask Naima how on Earth they had even paid for that fancy party, but Naima quickly distracted Shannon and jumped into her arms!
This was the happiest day of Naima’s life! :yahoo: :pinkcheer:


Shannon was secretly dreading whether there was a fancy honeymoon involved that she didn’t know of. She had barely been a part of the wedding planning!

Birthdays this June


Julia + Oscar turned 39

Celia turned 11

Park turned 9

Vincent turned 7

Gustav turned 6 (and will age up next month!)

Jonas turned 4

4 comments on “(SimJune): Summer is here
  1. batsheba says:

    So happy for Dylan and Erica :heart:

    The wedding was beautiful :sigh: what a view! Perfect summer wedding…. well except stupid sims not knowing their place :giggle: Anyway I know my placed and tim and cheer now :pinkcheer: :confetti: :joy: :yahoo: :toast:

    • Sara says:

      Aaawww, thank you, Bats! :kiss:

      :yahoo: You would have been the perfect guest for the party :yahoo:

      … those stupid sims were driving me nuts! They were constantly clapping :facepalm:

  2. Tedhi says:

    :wave: Car(l) and Chase, I do remember your birth, vividly :tearyeyes: (your Mom was in the Hallway and your Dad was buying booze, no doubt to help him cope with the next 18 sim-year :giggle:)
    D’Aww, they are both cuties :heart: :heart:

    A bro-bbq! :lol: poor Dylan, he did looked quite nervous, and Mike was not helping, just constantly stealing the show ^^ (that rocket pic is adorable !! ) and
    “Poor Mike couldn’t hold his licquor, and passed out on a deck chair :chuckle:
    :toofunny: BWaahaha!

    Hello the Woods-Copur :wave3: – and Baby Rio ! :heartpump:
    “‘(they always have pancakes in their fridge!)”
    BEST HOME EVER!!! :thumbs: :thumbs: And isn’t that a Bear on the wall!! :hugs: Ok that’s it….*discreetly moves in Willa and Eric’s fridge*

    Ivy is such a pretty Grandma :girldance: , and I love she and Simon are a bit ‘hippy-ish’ Aw that picture of them doing yoga, she looks like she is stretching after a night in the tent ^^

    Congrats Naima and Shannon :toast: ( :blush: I would definitely have been one of the big idiots – :confetti: throwing rice is so much fun :confetti2:)
    Oh LOL I love that it looks like the Big Head statue is officiating the wedding :toofunny: . I know neither of the girls are writers but “I was married by a Big Head” sounds like such a nice future book title ^^ !

    The venue is gorgeous! And what a view on each and every picture! :rubeyes: That night one near the pond with the silhouette of the mountain in the background ! :sigh: :sigh: …and :sigh:

    • Sara says:

      :lol: You have a good memory! The birth of the twins was indeed quite memorable (including me naming both of them Carl because I didn’t understand that there were two of them :facepalm: Now, I only wish I had named Chase something different :blum: )

      That bro-bbq wasn’t as “manly” as planned, huh? :chuckle:

      :sigh: I know!! I want to live in Willa and Eric’s fridge with you!! (I don’t remember if one of them has pancakes as favourite food, but there’s really *always* a stock in the fridge :heartpump: )

      :thinking: Oooh, I LOVE that book title!! … and yeah, I was having a good giggle when I placed the wedding arch there :toofunny:

      D’aaaww, thank you, my dear! :blush: And thanks for your lovely comment :grouphug2:

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