SimMarch: There’s something in the air (pt1)

It’s spring, and something’s in the air! LOVE, right?? Well, let’s see if that’s true for the Bimlicoians :)

With Olivia

Olivia‘s wedding day was only a month away. She had made an appointment with Lisa at her Boutique to come in one morning for a dress fitting.

Olivia was slightly anxious that the snow would never melt, and that she wouldn’t have her perfect Spring wedding after all!


Her mother, Chris, came and met her for a coffee at the Daily Cup before the fitting.


When the boutique opened, the two went in, but Olivia asked to speak to Lisa alone. Olivia told Lisa about her pregnancy and that she was scared she wouldn’t fit into the dress! Lisa assured Olivia that she would look fantastic in the dress even if she’ll have grown a bit next month.


Chris was surprised that her daughter wasn’t going to try on the dress after all.

Chris: Uhm, honey, are you SURE you don’t need to try the dress on after all?? It’s just that… your boobs look bigger!

Olivia: Oh, mom, it’s just because of all the layers I’m wearing. Lisa just needed to take my measurements today :cheeky:

Chris seemed to accept the explanation, and as she exited the boutique, Lisa and Olivia had a giggle: She doesn’t suspect a thing!


With Erica

Erica would be a bridesmaid at Olivia‘s wedding, and that meant her invitation had a “+1”. She had been told that it couldn’t be her son, Vincent….

Since she thought things had been going so well between Gabriel and her lately, she went round to his house one evening.


She told him about the wedding, took his hand and asked if he would be her date.

Gabriel: Ehr, no, that’s a bad idea. I’m seeing someone.

Erica: WHAT??? :shock:


Erica screamed at Gabriel! She had thought that their spending more time together and Gabriel being so nice was because he wanted to get back together again and now he was seeing someone else?!!?


Poor Erica! She was completely devastated, and left Gabriel’s house in a hurry!


She just kept crying and crying :cry: Back home, she decided to drown her sorrows in ice cream.


With Shannon and Naima

It was early one morning, and time for the Bimlico residents participating in the Honeycomb Valley Athletic Festival to leave.

Among them were Shannon, who woke up feeling very confident and ready!


Although Naima usually doesn’t get up so early, she wasn’t going to miss saying goodbye to her love, so she got up to have breakfast with Shannon.


When the time came for Shannon to leave, Naima completely freaked out! How was she going to survive so long without Shannon??


She jumped into Shannon’s arms and told her how much she loved her and how much she was going to miss her! Shannon was a little overwhelmed, and kept reminding Naima that she would only be gone a few days.


Really, it was time for Shannon to go, but Naima couldn’t bear it and kept kissing Shannon goodbye.

Naima: Honey, please! We have time for just one photo, right???


Shannon eventually had to run out the door to not miss her bus!


Naima had never felt so alone in the world before. She decided to skip her classes for the day, and called in sick (Naima is studying culinary arts). She spent the better part of the morning reading wedding magazines and watching romantic movies with Marley the cat.


The movies all had such happy endings, which made Naima very emotional. Marley was being very cute too (He may have developed a crush on Naima’s slippers)


Later, when she finally got ready and dressed, Naima decided to head downtown. She had only just stepped out into the rain (hooray, the snow had finally disappeared!!) when her phone rang. It was the head of her studies with some bad news: Naima had been put on academic probation for missing so many classes lately.


What will Shannon think?? Ohh, well… I’m sure she’ll understand. I’ve been so busy planning our beautiful future together!

Naima’s mood was getting better, but the rain was getting worse. She decided to run for shelter….


… at the Wedding Boutique!

Wow!! Naima was stunned by all the beautiful (and expensive!) dresses. She told Ashley all about her upcoming wedding, and picked a dress to try on.


Although she thought the dress was beautiful, Naima couldn’t help but giggle to herself. A dress like this was not her style at all.


With Maria

Maria had just stepped out of the bus from Sandy Valley (Remember, she went on a visit there in February) – but she didn’t come home alone….


Yes, she had participated in a dating event in Sandy Valley, and although she’d ended up having a great night, she never found a date. Instead, she was bringing back Boulette, one of Bruce and Belle’s puppies!! *squeee*

Bruce was so excited to introduce his pup to her new home, so he ran home! (This dog runs everywhere  :lol: )


Back home, they ran into Anthony. He promptly grabbed Boulette and carried her upstairs where Maria was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Anthony was crazy about little Boulette!! So was Bruce :lol:


Maria told Anthony about her visit to Sandy Valley (and Bruce was already starting to teach Boulette some bad habits :giggle: )


Anthony is the best! Maria never cleans, but he always does!!

While he was cleaning, Maria was gathering her courage….


Maria: Shaka-bra!!!

:facepalm: Maria immediately regretted always being so damn awkward!


Maria took a deep breath…

Maria: So listen. My best friend, Olivia, is getting married next month. I’m a bridesmaid. And she said I could bring a date. I was kind of hoping it would be you.


Anthony: Is it going to be fancy? … because I love fancy!! I’d be honoured to go as your date.




With Dylan

The rain was back. Lots of it. Dylan thought it would be perfect to take his boat out and fish :chuckle:


:sigh: I don’t blame him.



8 comments on “SimMarch: There’s something in the air (pt1)
  1. Batsheba says:

    Love and spring :sigh: The pic with Marley cuddling with the slippers :toofunny: It’s going to be an exiting wedding, people pairing up, new couples… can’t wait!

  2. Sandy says:

    Aahah, who would have thought that, as reward for having been so long to read your stories, I’d get two today! ;)

    :pinkcheer: So excited about Olivia’s wedding!

    Awwwww, Erica! (huh… haven’t I called her Olivia in my previous comment? :brow: )
    She’s all heartbroken! :cry: But it’s good for her to know. She was going nowhere with Gabriel. :sigh:
    Ice-cream is the best remedy! :thumb:

    Awww, Naima!!! :grouphug2: I love that neurotic girl. She’s too cute at freaking out! :heart:
    Marley’s romance with her slippers is adorable! :lol:

    Hello Boulette! :wave: Awwww, I love Luke and Bruce’s enthusiasm for this little furry thingy! :D
    I see Boulette is a quick learner… :chuckle:
    Yeah for a date!! Aaah, I love the way Maria asked him! :lol:

    • Sara says:

      I timed my post so well, huh? :chuckle:

      Oooh, yes, me too, I’m so excited about the wedding! I think I might have time to play it tomorrow :yahoo:

      Haha, Erica forgives you for calling her Olivia :lol: …but will she forgive Gabriel? :dunno: But yes, I agree: It is good she stopped dreaming about him :nod: (Although I think she should hold back on the ice-cream… she’s been eating a lot of it!!)

      Naima’s so much fun! She’s completely bonkers :chuckle:

      Boulette is so cute!! And she’s so popular – everyone loves her! (But who’s Luke? :thinking: )

      I’m pretty excited to see how Maria and Anthony’s “date” will go! :joy:

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    Dress shopping!! Mum and daughter look so much alike!
    LOL at Chris’ comment! This is a rather noticable thing in early pregnancy… :whistle:

    Oh a “+1” for Erica! Obviously not Vincent… But Gabriel is not the best plan either…
    Aww poor Erica… :cry:

    Oh it’s March! The Athletic Festival is upon us! I forgot all about that hahaha! :facepalm: (I just realised that with my hiatus, we’re now synced! We’re both in September! :hi5: )
    Aww Naima is such a lovely girlfriend! Be it a bit clingy…
    You have the BEST pets! I’ve never seen any of my sim cats do this!
    Hahaha, Naima really has nothing but “wedding” on her mind, does she?
    I agree, the dress is beautiful but not Naima’s style. :nah:

    PUPPY!!! :heartpump: :heartpump: :heartpump:
    Bruce, you’re not being a good dad, teaching your child such bad behaviour!
    Anthony is lovely :heart:
    He’s said yes!! :joy: Perfect match, these two!

    Dylan just seems to like extreme weather conditions, haha!(I also didn’t know they could fish from boats, I’m learning so much today!)

    • Sara says:

      Hahahaha, I’m happy I managed to add a realistic touch to the story :rofl:

      :sigh2: Erica is very unlucky!

      :chugga: Yeahh, Athletic Festival. That was so cool!! Well, not for Naima, who obviously missed Shannon too much :giggle:

      Anthony :heart: Maria. I’m rooting for them! :flirty:

      Haha, Dylan is definitely into extreme sports and weather! :lol:

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