SimMarch: There’s something in the air (pt2)



With Blake

Let’s spend some time with Blake :)

This is how I found her: Soaking wet with a very uninterested father :sigh2:


Well, Blake doesn’t complain. She can take care of herself. Just like her parents expect her to.


Big girls walk themselves to school.


While Blake was at school, I checked in on her parents. Ron is starting to worry me… :brow: Drinking alone… in the bathroom??


:clap: Wow! Alicia actually made food :shock: But she didn’t look very happy about it. Ron continued drinking.


Ughhh, Ron, so gross!!!


I guess all that food made him thirsty (???). He had even more drinks, and Alicia sat down and continued being grouchy.


Alicia received a call from her brother, but hung up quickly, because it was bedtime (it was noon).


In the afternoon when school ended, Blake stuck around and played on the playground for a bit. She wanted to wait for her best friend, Remy, to finish her after school activity (Blake doesn’t attend any. Her parents can’t afford it).


:wave: Hey look! Here’s Jenny! (She definitely picked out that umbrella herself)


Blake loves to go home with Remy after school. She has her own room! It’s beautiful and she has lots of toys!!


The girls were having fun, but Remy’s dad, Mike, came in and ruined the fun.

Mike: Don’t mind me, girls, I just need to tidy up a bit.

Remy: Then hurry up and get outta here, father slave.


Blake was starting to feel hungry, so she went downstairs. She knew Mike would notice right away.

Mike: OMG, are you hungry? Should I just go and make dinner now?

Blake: Sure… That would be great. *whispers* Father Slave :giggle:


Look at these two princesses! :lol:


Don’t feel bad for Mike, though. He loves to wait on his little princess and her friends!


Remy’s mom, Lisa, had come home in time for dinner as well. The all ate together. The whole family. That almost never happens at Blake’s house.


After dinner, Remy asked Blake if she wanted to spend the night, and Blake said yes right away!! :yahoo:


Noir did not agree with this plan :giggle: Remy spent some time brushing her so not to make her too jealous.


Aawww, Blake went and asked Mike to read her a bedtime story. She never gets those at home.


Of course Mike said yes! ( :thinking: I think he may have chosen that book, though!)


Backstage note: Remy’s bed was so borked as you can tell in the last picture. The animation of the bedding was all screwed up. I replaced the bed, but was sad to learn that Remy and Blake wouldn’t share it :( That’s kind of the point of Remy’s huge bed! Does anyone know of a mod that will allow children to share a bed?

Goodnight, girls!


With Shannon and Naima

Naima had stayed up late so she welcome home her sweetheart!


But first things first; Naima had a confession to make. She had to tell Shannon about her academic probation.

Naima: But honey, it was SO unfair! I didn’t really miss that many classes!


Shannon was shocked, and started lecturing Naima about the importance of her finishing her education, so she could get a job to help pay their bills. But Naima doesn’t care about bills. They’re just pieces of paper!

Naima: Honey, honey, yes, you’re right, but instead of studying, I spent my time very wisely, planning our gorgeous future – what, no, I didn’t apply for part-time jobs, haha, no wait here!

Naima ran into the downstairs bedroom: Okay, honey, I’m ready, come on in! Eeeep, she was so excited!


Shannon was completely dumbfounded. It had been a long bus ride back form Honeycomb Valley – could she still be asleep? Shannon woke up and starting yelling at Naima asking her when they had decided to have children and from where she got the money to buy all that stuff (The bank.. duhh!)


Naima’s feelings were hurt. She accused Shannon of being unflirty (Shannon is unflirty), and pointed out how much time she had spent redecorating the room, how she had carefully chosen the colour orange (coincidentally her favourite colour too :brow: ) so the room would be suitable for a child of either gender, which would actually save them money down the line, and, no, they weren’t going to have children right now, but some day soon, though, right?, because that’s what you do when you get married! Actually, Naima felt like all the future planning was up to her, and that Shannon wasn’t as invested in their future together as she was :nahh:

Shannon, who really doesn’t like confrontations, tried to apologise, but Naima wasn’t having any of it!


…But this is Naima, so as soon as Shannon walked away, Naima freaked out, and then followed her upstairs, where she looked deep into Shannon’s eyes, and gave her a kiss.

 Story11-60 It always works :pardon:


With Ofelia

Ofelia had also returned from Honeycomb Valley (Silver medalist in martial arts :clap: )

Matthew smiled at his daughter. Something about her told him that she wasn’t texting one of her girlfriends…


He was of course right ;) Ofelia asked Miles to hang out with her after school that day. She told him all about the Athletic Festival!


Ofelia is a girl who knows what she wants. She asked Miles to go up on the bridge (hey! Finally, it was Spring and LOVE was in the air!), where she made a funny face at him and then asked him to be her boyfriend :heartpump:


It was a yes, of course! :yahoo:

That was it as far as romance goes for Ofelia. She invited him home to play video games! :nerd:


It seemed that Spring had finally hit Bimlico!


Birthdays in March:


Samantha turned 60

Joshua and Jenna turned 51

Jane turned 48

Dylan turned 31

Portia turned 5

11 comments on “SimMarch: There’s something in the air (pt2)
  1. Batsheba says:

    :chugga: You go Ofelia!

    Awww, little Blake.. they could at least by her an umbrella :punish: bad mom and dad! I don’t know about a mod but have you checked Nraas sleep freedom?

    And I do understand Shannons reaction :roll: being the sensible one isn’t always simple :giggle:

    • Sara says:

      Can you believe Ofelia is the first of my teens to get a boyfriend? :lol:

      Ooh, I will have to go check out that mod right away – thank you, Bats! :friends:

      Gosh, yes, you pinpointed Shannon’s problem: In this relationship, she has to be the sensible one… And that’s real hard work when your partner is Naima :lol:

      Thank you so much for your comment, sweetie! :giveheart:

      • Batsheba says:

        I’m glad if I can help :friends: if sleep freedom doesn’t work for kids try asking the gang at Nraas if they can ad it, they are really helpful :nod:

    • Sandy says:

      :thumbs: Great idea about the Sleep Freedom suggestion, Batsheba! I keep forgetting that there’s still Nraas mods I haven’t installed! :giggle:

  2. Sandy says:

    :grouphug2: Awww, Blake!!!! She’s doing good!! Her parents are… well… :facepalm:
    Ron might have a problem. Drinking alone in the bathroom is NOT good, unless it’s a post-teethbrush lotion, but I doubt it is… :brow:

    Jenny has the classiest umbrella of the world, and she knows it! :girldance:

    :lol: @ “slave father” Mike is adorable at cooking for his princess and her friends!! :heart: Your Sims seem always to be so welcoming! There’s always a plate for someone passing by. That’s lovely. :tearyeyes:
    It’s so cute that she asked for a bedtime story! :heart:
    I find that so silly too that kids can’t sleep together. I gave up the idea a lot time ago, but maybe there’s something to do with the Retuner? I never give my kids a big bed as it’s so pointless. :no:

    Awwww, I loved Shannon and Naima’s quarrel! It’s so cute the way it ended, with Naima freaking out (how surprising… :brow: :chuckle: and running after Shannon for a kiss. TOO cute! I really love these two ones! :heartpump: )
    (oh, and Naima, the child bedroom is lovely! :thumbs: )

    Yiiiiiii at that so Ofi-romantic kiss with Miles!!!! Awww. I love these two ones! (I know I tend to say that about all your Simmies. :pardon: )

    Great non-story, Sara-love! :kiss2:
    (do I deserve a third one? :giveheart: )

    • Sara says:

      Blake is a tough girl, but yeah, her parents are major :facepalm: !!! I think Ron has a problem too :scared:

      :giggle: Jenny is definitely very proud of her umbrella ;)

      Mike was SO adorable! He was really waiting on the girls, cleaning up after them and everything. First, Blake asked him for a story, but the action was dropped, but then Mike went and offered to read to her :tearyeyes: So cute!

      Bats pointed out that the Nraas Sleep Freedom mod might help with the problem. Although it only mentions teens, but it might be worth giving it a shot :thumbs:

      Shannon and Naima are cute. They love each other, but drive each other crazy too :chuckle:

      :joy: Ofi and Miles! They are very cute (and Miles already charmed both Ofi’s parents… he’s a keeper!)

      Aaaw, thank, Sandy, I’m happy you enjoyed the story! And yes, I think I may have a third story for you :giggle: I think you may have missed “Maria’s January”? You can find it under Stories ;)

      Thanks again for stopping by :kiss:

  3. Sandy says:

    Geeez, I had missed one of your older stories?!!! But what’s wrong with me?! :facepalm:
    (I hope I won’t call Maria “Cathy” or whatever, because she might be less cool than Erica or Anthony if I mess up with her name. :lol: Anthony couldn’t even take it bad, he had no idea I was talking about him. :ninja: )

  4. Kim(mi) says:

    Blake is such a cool kid! I love her hair!
    Big girls may walk themselves to school, but it’s up to their parents to make sure they have a raincoat and/or an umbrella… :(
    :toofunny: Drinking alone in the bathroom! In the morning?! I’s worry too!
    That’s a lot of drinks for daytime… Maybe he really does have a slight problem… :thinking:

    Jenny’s umbrella is so… Jenny! :heartpump:

    Oh Mike… Ron may not be the world greatest dad, but Mike is overdoing it a bit, isn’t he…?

    LOL at Noir! You really do have the best pets! :kiss:

    Hahahahaha, Mike’s book choice is the best!
    (Seriously, children can’t share a bed? Oh come on EA…)

    Oh Naima, what did you do… You can’t spring things like this on your partner… (The room is so cute though! I too have a genderneutral nursery ;) )
    Thankfully the girls patched things up again!

    Ofelia ROCKED at Martial Arts! Miles had better be impressed! :heyhey:
    Awww young love! They’re such a cute couple! :heart:

    :sigh: That last picture is dreamy…

    • Sara says:

      I think Blake needs to be a cool kid to cope with those loser parents, right? :roll:

      :heartpump: Jenny! I love dressing her, and choosing her stuff! :lol:

      Mike is such an overachiever! I just think it suits him and his knitted cardigan so well :giggle: (And of course he read Blake a cooking skill book :cheeky: ).
      Oh, btw, I think I found a mod (at ModTheSims) that would enable children and teens to share (at least) basegame beds :thumbs:

      Naima is so crazy! I think I owe her that wedding soon! It’s going to be crazy!!

      Yeah, it’s nice for Ofelia and Miles :sigh: They’re cute!

      Thank you for your comments, they’re a pleasure to read as always!! :hugs:

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