(SimMarch): Spring has sprung!

Welcome to Spring in Bimlico :giverose:

Alice and Mike had different impressions of the weather and went to the dog park in quite different outfits :lol:

Kids’ costume party

I had been looking so much forward to throwing an event just for the children and seeing what they would get up to :sigh: But jeez, I had so many issues, and got error12 no matter what I did :mad:   

Finally, I decided to just play and have fun and forget about saving :( Well, it did end up so much fun!!

Penny had arranged the party, and asked Marcel and fellow teacher, Eli, to help out.

Selma was also invited, since she is studying to become an elementary teacher (and will graduate next year! :clap: ).

The party was for the young children, age 6-9.

The Bimlico School playground was soon filling up with kids :sigh:

(excuse the crappy background, my game was just not being cooperative this day :( )

A parent had decided to show up; Portia’s mom, Maya. I don’t think that was a wise decision :facepalm:

E L I ! ! ! :shock:

Penny had to scold him!

You CANNOT behave like that towards parents! … or any sim, for that matter!!

Not sure what Eli’s future at the school looks like after this :thinking:

Once all the kids were there, it was time for a group photo.

:clap: Only one sims with their eyes closed :thumbs: (I adore how that sim was Vincent :chuckle: )

From left to right, it’s:


:toofunny: Dinosaur-Jenny hugging hotdog-Blake is priceless :rofl:

Time for hotdogs! (No one tried to eat Blake, by the way :giggle: )

Hotdog-Blake told a ghost story (how scary could it be coming from a hotdog?!)


It seems that Eli (who chose a facepaint design perhaps a bit too scary for this group) needed a break away from all the kids.

There were plenty of seats available in the playground :roll:

The kids played and had a lot of fun that day! :clap: :yahoo:

The party was ending, and the kids were picked up. Anthony had come to pick up hotdog-Blake (Isn’t it cute how she looks up at him as he is waving? :tearyeyes: Okay, it might be a bit difficult to see in  such a small picture, but…. I love this game!)

He had a surprise waiting for her back home….. :popcorn:

With Blake

Back home, they all sat down around the table. Anthony explained that Blake was going to get a new room.

Don’t worry, it will still be here in the apartment!!!

Anthony and Maria felt like Blake needed a bigger room, and one with a window too :chuckle: (She has been living in Maria’s closet for quite some time now)

And so, Anthony moved into Maria’s and Blake’s apartment upstair. He built a bedroom for Blake in the living room, where all Maria’s instruments used to be.

(By some miracle, the balcony door in Maria’s apartment had suddenly moved to the other end of the wall, making room for a TV area in the corner! Ahh, Sims magic :giggle: )

They are keeping Anthony’s apartment downstairs, so they have room for all Maria’s music stuff. It’s now her music space, where she’ll have even more room for the instruments (and for her parties…).

To save some money, they will rent out the bedroom downstairs. Maria wants traveling musicians and artists to stay there. Anthony wants to rent it out more permanently. Preferably to a deaf sim :headbang:

I was so excited to see that Blake finally picked an instrument! She is a virtuoso, but she’d never picked up any of Maria’s instruments after I installed the mod that lets children use them. Today she did :clap:

She picked the piano :nod:

Time to check out the new room!

Want to see more pictures of the updated apartment?

Check out the new tour here!


It was a very rainy Spring!

Check out colourful Jenny outside the apartment :chuckle:

But that didn’t keep this little “family” from taking a walk to Bimlico Central Park (Bruce wisely stayed at home)

Blake met up with Remy and then they all escaped the rain and went bowling.

And had fries for dinner!

Best. Day. Ever. :heartpump:

With Daria

Daria was hanging out at the Skate Park when Billy showed up :sigh: :flirty:

They hung out, went to Burgers ‘n Games next door and just really had so much fun together.

Daria loved spending time alone with Billy :heart: They were having so much fun! He was so easy to be around! They are perfect for each other! :cry: :heartpump:

Daria realised that she was being unfair to Seth (her boyfriend!!), and asked him to meet her at the Skate Park.

She explained to him that she thought they should break up. They hadn’t really been a couple these past months, anyway. They have fun together, but only as friends. Could Seth even remember the last time they kissed?? (I know I couldn’t!)

Seth understood. But he was still bummed. He really wants to have a girlfriend, but now he’s been dumped!! :shout:

They two parted as friends.

…And that’s it for this March in Bimlico :wave3:

Birthdays this month

Portia turned 7

Dylan turned 33

Jacob turned 34

Jane turned 50

Joshua + Jenna turned 53

Samantha turned 62