SimMay: May stories (pt1)

Ahhh, May. The last month of Spring! And Spring is all about love, right? Selma had a secret to share with Amy, but it seems Amy keeps secrets of her own… The girls celebrated May with their high school friends at the Maypole Festival, which had its ups and downs…

There are lots of sims to follow this month, so let’s see what Bimlico got up to in SimMay!

With Mr. and Mrs. Stanton

Although it had taken Olivia quite some time convincing Ryan, he had taken a couple of days off work, so the newlyweds could really enjoy each other and their new titles as “mr. and mrs.”. (They couldn’t afford going on a honeymoon since Olivia wasn’t working and they were expecting the baby.)


Olivia was getting bigger :)

They decided to go downtown and grab brunch at Olivia’s mom’s new café at the Central Park

(The park has undergone some changes! See for yourself)Story13-2

Olivia was so proud of her baby bump! :sigh:


She wanted to get Ryan a pregnancy book, so they visited Jenba at her book store.


Olivia easily makes new friends!


With Erica

Erica was really missing her son! Dylan had been babysitting Vincent during the wedding, and even though Erica was thrilled for her best friend, it had been a very emotional party for Erica. Of course she was happy for her friend, and now it seemed like Maria was falling in love too. But what about Erica? Would she ever fall in love again? :sigh2:


Nothing little a little pastry (from the Cookies Jar, right. across. the. street.) to cheer up a broken heart!

Erica braved the rainy weather, and walked down to the beach where Dylan lives. On her way, she passed by her parents house :wave:

(Pssstt… it’s an awesome build by the awesome Jenba!)


Erica was invited inside, but didn’t even get to say hello to Vincent before she broke down crying :( Dylan was very sweet, and let Erica cry on his shoulder.


He even wanted to console her, but, as we all know, that is the W-O-R-S-T thing you can ever do to a sad sim!!!!!!! :shout:



Dylan was able to cheer up Erica (although she cried a little bit again), but what made her really, super happy was when she realised that her son was there too :lol:


Erica pretty much hates Gabriel (at the moment), but he did give her the best thing in her life: little Vincent (who won’t be little for that much longer!!)


After a pillow fight and some TV, I thought they’d have some dinner together, but Dylan said he had to go :brow: It wasn’t his work hours! :dunno:


Turns out it was boat hours :roll:

(Do we blame him? The rain was gone and the sky was gorgeous!)


A girl’s gotta eat! Erica went next door to her parents’ place :)


And of course she burst into tears when she saw her mom! Rachel‘s many years of experience with the ups and downs of Erica‘s mood must mean that she knows not to console her daughter, but to cheer her up instead :lol:


Alan also came to comfort his daughter with a big hug! But uhm… yeah, guess what he also did? :pardon:


They changed the subject away from weddings, and Rachel made dinner for everyone. Well, not for Alan, who might be on a diet :thinking: He didn’t get a plate, but he was staring at the food and looked pretty bummed out :giggle:


Rachel played with Vincent before she went to bed. Alan tucked in Vincent, and everyone turned in for the night. What a lovely Sunday evening!


With Blake

Blake often finds her parents looking completely surprised that she exists. Alicia and Ron were getting ready to leave for a mini-tour with their band (that obviously means having a few drinks), and when they noticed Blake standing there, they realised that they hadn’t arranged for anyone to look after her while they were gone!


Blake didn’t like to see her parents fight, so she tried to cheer up Alicia… Poor Blake! I don’t think anyone can cheer up Alicia!


Ron is completely oblivious. He just went to look out the window, and let Alicia deal with the situation. When he finished his drink, he simply made a new one. (I am worried about him.)

Alicia told Blake to grab her stuff and follow her.


Who lives right across the street?


Maria was pretty angry at Alicia for just dropping off her child with her (who, mind you, also ‘dislikes children’).


But looking after Blake isn’t the world’s worst job. Most of the time, she minds herself.


When Anthony came home, Maria complained to him about having to look after Blake for the next couple of days. She would be playing at the Maypole Festival, and couldn’t really have Blake with her on the stage!! Anthony assured her it would be alright.


Anthony is the best :sigh:  (Note the flowers he gave to Maria at Olivia and Ryan’s wedding :heartpump: )


Blake seems to think he’s the best too :nod:


With Selma

The Cookie Jar was super busy!! Even Kasper and Malene were there (and they have their own Bakery. I guess competition isn’t such a big deal in Bimlico :giggle: ).


Selma had invited Amy there. She had something HUGE to tell her about. But Amy was a little distracted. Her phone kept buzzing!


Well, something big did happen last month. But Selma and I didn’t want to steal Olivia’s thunder, so Selma‘s story wasn’t included last month.

Here’s a flashback to what happened a few days before Olivia’s wedding told by Selma:

Okay, so you know how I have been texting with Malcolm for a while, right? We decided to meet up at the Ping-Pong Café and I was soooo excited!! A date!! I was like “bring. it. ON!”


I was so happy to see Malcolm – he’s so handsome – but I did notice Ava’s nervous looks in the background. I was thinking “does she know something about him that I don’t?”

But, anyway, Malcolm was being such a douche!! I was so sweet to him, I told him that funny story, you know, but he was just being super mean :(


I was really surprised to see him like that and I almost cried! But I wasn’t going to let him ruin my day, so I told him to outside and rake stuff (okay, I had help telling him that), and then I bought a cookie. That cheered me up. I remember I closed my eyes for a moment, to listen to the music, but when I opened them again, my cookie was totally gone! I know what you’re thinking: Someone stole it! Yes, that is exactly what happened!


So I went looking for it, and found this guy – his name’s Ryder – outside. He had totally stolen my cookie, so I told him off. But then he told me “Cookies should always be shared!”, and how cute was that?! He was totally cute!!!!


He introduced himself, and he was SO funny! And cute! … but I did tell him “Don’t ever steal my food again!”


Then I beat his sorry ass at Ping-Pong ( :hi5: ) and we just laughed and flirted :sigh: It was perfect!


Then he asked me to continue our date at the cinema – OMG, I hadn’t even realised we were on a date! I said yes, of course, and we drove there in HIS CAR!!!! When the film ended, he drove me home, like a real gentleman, and then… I just went ahead and kissed him!!! My first kiss!!!


I won’t lie, it was pretty emotional :sigh:


Backstage note:

Selma’s day was so weird and not at all what I thought. The weather was so strange – Spring SNOW?! :facepalm: – and Malcolm was being awful. I never imagined that Selma and Ryder would hit it off, but they totally did! When Selma beat him at ping-pong, I thought he’d throw a tantrum (he’s hot-headed), but he was just so nice to her :sigh:

Well, I’m not sure Selma got the reaction from Amy that she was looking for. Amy just congratulated her, and hurried back home :brow:


What is Amy up to? Go to part 2!


5 comments on “SimMay: May stories (pt1)
  1. Batsheba says:

    Blake do have a special place in my heart :heart:

    The newly weds seems to have got a great start and considering the rest of your sims love connections that’s probably good :giggle:

    • Sara says:

      :friends: I promise you to take good care of Blake. She’s a good girl, and she doesn’t deserve such lousy parents!
      Oh yes, the newlyweds are very happy :heartpump:

  2. Batsheba says:

    That’s good to hear :friends:

  3. sandy says:

    :chugga: CATCHING UP! :shout:
    It’s great to find your Sims back! :friends:

    Awwww, Olivia and her lovely baby bump! :sigh: I wonder if she had her baby by now! :hmm:

    Erica! :grouphug2: Aww, poor sweet-heart! I agree, cookies can heal broken heart! :nod: (as long as there’s enough chocolate in, of course. ;) )
    I love how she’s always about to have a nerve breakdown! She’s so cute with Vincent! <3
    AWWWWW, Erica, Erica!!! :hugs: :hugs: Only mothers can understand, it seems! :giggle: I love that Sim. It's been a long time since I haven't said "I wonder if she's not my favorite of yours", but I know I'll say that about someone tomorrow… (I plan to catch up with a story per day! :p )

    Blaaaaaake!!!!!!! :hugs: (this story needs a lot of :hugs: !)
    She's so adorable, and so ignored by her parents! :cry: And it might not be Maria who will help, but Anthony is indeed the best! (with Bruce, of course!!!!)

    AWWWWWW, Selma and Ryder!!!! :heart: I'm going to be all emotional too! :sigh:
    That was a cute story! (But why Amy is running away? :hmm: A date?)

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Welcome back, Sandy dear!!

      EEEEEK, Olivia DID have a baby (months ago irl) – I’m halfway through writing/editing the update :clap:

      Erica is definitely one of my favourite sims :nod: She’s so much fun, and you never know what to expect from her :giggle:

      :facepalm: Bake is an unfortunate child, indeed! But she’s lucky to have good friends in Maria and Anthony :hugs:

      :giggle: I thought it was too funny that Selma cried a little after her first kiss with Ryder. Very girly, very Selma :)

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