SimMay: May stories (pt2)


With Amy

Amy kept texting and sending picture texts… :hmm:


Just some random life at the Barton/Reeves house:


The Maypole Festival

Selma had been looking forward to this month for a really long time. Her birthday is in May, and she was turning 19, which means that in September, she will go to university with Amy :yahoo:  (It also means that the girls will age to young adults really soon  :tearyeyes:  )

She would celebrate her birthday at the Maypole Festival, but first, her two besties came round to her house so they could go downtown together.


Selma couldn’t wait to tell Ofelia about her kiss with Ryder! The girls giggled loudly, but we know Ofelia



Ofelia went to watch TV while they waited for Amy… who was right outside, texting again :brow:


Selma told Amy that she’d invited Ryder to come to the Maypole Festival (She didn’t say anything about asking Ryder to invite his roomie, Lilian, along as well. Selma suspects that Amy likes her.)


What is up with Ofelia?? She watches way too many sappy romantic shows on TV recently!!  :chuckle:

The girls then went downtown to the Central Park where the festival was starting. Everyone from Bimlico High School was there, and Selma was so happy to see Ryder! :kiss:

Never mind Etienne. He had brought his baby sister!


The festival kicked off with a performance from the Batmen, Maria and Eli’s band. But uhh, where was Eli?? Everyone had to wait for him to finish his snow cone before the concert could begin :roll:


Not everyone were paying attention to the music, though. Ofelia was preoccupied by a game of horseshoes with her boyfriend Miles, and Billy and Camille.


Amongst the crowd, Amy looked like she was gathering up some courage :giggle:


Maybe you already guessed it: It was Lilian that Amy had been texting al along, but I’m pretty sure Selma thought that this blossoming romance was all because of her :giggle:


Anthony had volunteered to sell beverages at the party, and since Maria was babysitting BlakeAnthony suggested she set up her own little lemonade stand. Anthony was super excited to see Blake! And Blake tended her lemonade stand very patiently. (We all soon learned that in order to sell lemonade, one does in fact need lemons  :facepalm: )


I’m pretty sure Ofelia and/or Miles won that game of horseshoes!


I really had high hopes for this party, but it was pretty lame :sigh2:

Ryder was stuck dancing, and just wouldn’t quit even though Selma wanted to kiss him  :punish:


:facepalm: Both Day twins had a little moment of “Ofelia weakness”


And what started out really great between Amy and Lilian ended in a small argument!


When Selma finally managed to pull Ryder away from the dance floor, they were very cute! Even Eli thought so too :chuckle:

Eli: Listen to me, this couple is THE hottest couple in town!


I’m not sure I agree with you, Eli!


But really, this is how most of the afternoon and evening went: The teens only wanted to do their homework :facepalm: (actually, that looks pretty cosy).


Maria and Anthony seemed very much in love!


Amy was really struggling with Lilian – she was sending all these mixed signals! Amy would talk to her, make her laugh, and then Lilian would turn around and walk away from her. What is this cat and mouse play?!

Selma suggested to Amy: Why don’t you just go ahead and kiss her? I did that with Ryder, and it was AH-mazing!

(Smart move, Selma, when Lilian is standing right next to you guys :thumbs: )


Oh yeah, Lilian knew what was coming!! :chugga:


:clap: How nice to have an audience for your first kiss together. Very classy. :toast:

After the kiss, things went south. Although Lilian reciprocated the kiss, she quickly said goodbye, and both her and Ryder went home. Gosh, Selma and Amy‘s adventures with uni-sims had been mixed so far! Good thing they had their high school friends to hang out with.


But hey, look! Someone else was being all cute :flirty:


… moments later:



With Reed/Morin/Morgan

I thought that Spring was all about romance, but apparently not in Bimlico? :dunno:

I switched households to see if Etienne would go back to being cute with Marcie, or at least get some interesting wishes, (he didn’t), or if maybe Camille and Billy would continue their romance. They went home together, and hung out at the swing set for a while. They had a really good talk, but only ended the night with a long hug.


Thank goodness I can count on James and Julia for being cute and romantic! :lol:

Story13-65 Story13-66

…And just to cram even more cuteness into this “May is all about love story” :roll:

With Woods/Copur

Misha was napping on the bed.


Meanwhile, Eric and Willa proved to me that they are indeed: the hottest couple in Bimlico :giggle:


Seriously, all they do is laugh, kiss and woohoo :clap:

And that’s goodbye to May and spring in Bimlico! Let me end it with this lovely rainbow over the little town :sigh:



Oscar and Madeleine’s relationship goes through many ups and downs. When Amy was at the Ping-Pong Café, they were there as well, being all romantic (not sure Marcie agreed :chuckle: ).


A few days later, at Olivia and Ryan’s wedding, the air between them was ice cold. I don’t think they even spoke to each other during the whole party :dunno:

Birthdays this month


Henry turned 9

Selma turned 19

Madeleine turned 31

Ryan turned 31

Andrew turned 42 (but don’t tell anyone!)

Lindsay turned 46

Chris turned 56

6 comments on “SimMay: May stories (pt2)
  1. Batsheba says:

    :heartpump: Misha! so cute :sigh:

    It’s nice to see Maria and Anthony but I get a little worried that he seems to like children and well… :pardon: we know her view.

    And the Maypole (Midsommarstång :nod: ) I always forget about it… on the other hand I seldom have the focus to organize stuff like that in my game :sigh2: wish I had though. But I can live and dream thru your and Sandy’s games :giggle:

    • Sara says:

      You are so clever, Bats! Maria and Anthony may have an issue there….

      I actually don’t know that much about celebrating Midsommar in Sweden, but I’m pretty sure you have a party, so that’s what Bimlico got :lol: It wasn’t too bad to organize; I just set up the Maypole (I use MacTheKat’s one – it functions as a stereo), added the tents for drinks and voila! Then I used MC to invite all the teens there :thumbs: Easy peasy! But of course that doesn’t mean that the sims then acted like I wanted them to :chuckle:

      Thank you for your sweet comments. Du är super söt! :friends:

  2. Batsheba says:

    Don’t you Danes celebrate midsummer at all? And yes we do have a party, with loads of sill (Swedish pickled herring) and alcohol, it sometimes include silly dances around the pole :roll: but we celebrate in June around the midsummer solstice not in may :)

    I just read a book and learned that you, Danes that is, have a Fastlagscarnival when kids, I guess, have a game called something like “hit the cat in the barrel” and the one that wins get to be “kattakung” ? I never heard of it before, apparently it’s done in parts of Skåne as well, and here I thought we all were so similar :giggle:

    Du är super söt du med :kiss:

    • Sara says:

      :thinking: I guess we celebrate midsommer at “Sankt Hans” (Hmm, St. John’s Eve). But it’s not a big thing, it’s just… okay, I guess we have to pretty brutal traditions here. We (usually kids) create a witch, which is then burnt on a huge bonfire. And yes, for “Fastelavn”/carnival, children take turns smashing a barrel with a bat. There’s no cat in there, just lots of sweets :lol: But the traditions stems from a ritual where they did put a cat in the barrel :scared:

      I definitely prefer Swedish traditions with silly dancing and alcohol :nod:

  3. sandy says:

    Awww, future young adults! :sigh:
    :giggle: @ Ofelia, being so… Ofelia. :chuckle:
    Amy is quite intriguing with all her messaging… :brow: Though… I might have an idea to whom she’s messaging so intensively! :hmm:

    The Maypole Festival is so cute!!! Aaahah, Eli! Always so excited for concerts! :toofunny:
    YEAH! Lilian! I KNEW IT! (well, lately I’ve been worried my memory, but it’s good to see I haven’t forgotten the important things, like your Sims names and plots! :lol: )
    What lame? Aaaaw, no, it’s all cute!!!! :heart:
    :toofunny: @ Silas and Seth and their “Ofelia moment”. That’s just TOO cute!!!! :heart:
    Homework at parties… yes, it’s only in Sims games that we can see that! :p
    Oh, and it’s the students who leave first, letting the teens partying late at night? :facepalm:

    Aaah, yes, I was about to say that you should have paid a visit to Eric and Willa to see love, but of course, it’s what you had done! :clap:

    Really enjoyed to read from your Sims again!


    • Sara says:

      :facepalm: Eli is the most un-enthusiastic sim ever!!

      I think I found the party lame, because most sims kept arguing with each other :roll: …and I expected Spring to be the romantic season! And when the uni-students leave early, you know the party is a dud :chuckle:

      When I think all my sims are being stupid, I can always rely on Eric and Willa to bring the love :sigh: :heartpump:

      Thank you so much for your comment, sweetie! I’m glad you enjoyed it :kiss:

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