(SimNov+Dec): Birthdays, dates, a new year!

**** N O V E M B E R ****

With Ofelia

It’s Ofelia’s 19th birthday! :confetti2:

The day was celebrated at the Asian restaurant (of course ;) )

Time for presents!… and what present!! Ofelia’s parents know that Ofelia doesn’t feel ready to start university next year – she really doesn’t have clue what to study :dunno: Because you can’t study martial arts at university :no: So – if she wants to – her parents will send her to Shang Simla next year instead. She can stay as long as she wants; 1 month, 6 months – a whole year!   :shock:

What a dream come true for Ofi!!!  :yahoo:   :yahoo:

Matthew and Jenna knew that their other daughters (well, perhaps especially Sophia) would be quite jealous of such a huge present, so even though it wasn’t their birthdays, Sophia and Lucia were given a considerable amount of simoleans :thumbs: “To invest in your futures!”

They decided to grab a game of ping-pong to work off all that dim sum :lol:

Not sure if Sophia was angry because she was left out of the game :chuckle: … or because Matthew tried talking to her about her break-up with Milo :(

With Sophia and Lucia

Let’s spend a little time with the Parker sisters :)

One morning, Sophia was up unusually early using the computer. I think she was setting up a dating profile (but boy, is that dating system flawed?!)

Lucia was making a yummy pancake breakfast!

She was having Jacob and Sienna over. It was the first time that Sienna was visiting Lucia :thumbs:

It went really well!!

Sophia had invited Sven over. He owns a little juice stand in the Chinese Garden right by Sophia’s workplace (the spa). I think they must have become friends, because she goes there after work? :dunno: Anyway, that was worth exploring!

Flirty greeting :heybaby: Typical Sophia :flirty:

They were really hitting it off :clap: :popcorn:

With Mike L

It was also Mike Lewis’ birthday this month   :cork:

He’s turning 40 and thus raging up to Adult!! Still very much young at heart, though :chuckle:

He just celebrated it quietly at home with his wife, Lisa :heart:

Birthdays this November

Prof. Charles turned 63

Mike L turned 40

Ron turned 31

Alice turned 26

Ava turned 24

Amy turned 21

Ofelia turned 19

Boulette turned 2 :chuckle:

**** D E C E M B E R ****

Sophia and Sven’s date

Sophia wanted to ask Sven out on a date :clap: (I moved him into a little house on the beach – he was just an NPC before).

She went to his juice stand at the Chinese Garden just as he had closed down for the day and the two had a chat and a laugh :)

Sophia then invited Sven to the Sculpture Garden café for coffee and cake, and he of course said yes :heartpump:

(It seemed a bit too cold to sit outside, but there was snow inside as well because of the glass roof that doesn’t actually seem to function like a roof :facepalm: :lol: )

It was just a nice and relaxed date :) They had cake, looked at the sculptures and just enjoyed each other’s company :flirty:

Also at the Sculpture Garden were Ben and Jasper :wave3:

Nate’s an elder!

Nate – Bimlico’s mayor – turned 65 and aged up to elder this month! He didn’t choose to throw a big party… Maybe he’s a bit ambivalent about ageing up? :hugs: Maybe he should consider retiring soon? :thinking:

Grandparents’ day

Instead of throwing Christmas this year, let’s have a “Grandparents’ day”!

Hannah was up early! She couldn’t wait for the kids to arrive :clap:

She prepared a nice, big breakfast for everyone.

Oscar came to drop off Lucas. Madeleine would come later (Oscar wasn’t comfortable staying. It hasn’t even been a year since the divorce.)

Soon, the house was bustling! Mike, Lisa and Remy had arrived :clap:

The kids were quick to finish their breakfast and went to watch TV :chuckle:

Hannah and Ray have different ways of expressing their affection :giggle:

They all had a very nice day, playing both indoors and outdoors.

Madeleine never showed up :(  

New Year’s Ever

The university students decided to throw this years New Year’s party at the Beach Club (they really shouldn’t have… It was quite boring :chuckle: And no one really went for the champagne!! :facepalm: )

Ryder seems to be in a good mood again after the break-up with Selma :pinkcheer:

The oldest teens – Ofelia and Miles – had been invited too.

H A P PY   N E W  Y E A R ! !

Birthdays this December

Nate turned 65

Marcel turned 45

Gabriel turned 32

Shannon turned 26

Jenny turned 9

5 comments on “(SimNov+Dec): Birthdays, dates, a new year!
  1. Charlotte says:

    A trip to Shang Simla as a graduation gift :rubeyes: ? Ofelia is a pretty lucky Sim :)

    I’m so glad you’re still updating^^ I always get distracted from the story by your beautiful pictures :drool: Your game is so gorgeous, I could look at it all day.

    • Sara says:

      :blush: Charlotte, you are such a sweetie! :friends: I’m so happy you still enjoy following this little world of Bimlico even though there isn’t much to follow these days :sigh2:

      Ofelia is very lucky, right? Her parents hope that the trip will mature her and help her to find out what she wants to do, but knowing Ofelia, we can’t be sure that will happen :giggle: I’m just so excited to her as a young adult!! :yahoo:

  2. Sandy says:

    Sorry for the insane quantity of comments I’m leaving over there, I have to catch up! :pardon:

    So it’s how Ofelia got her fabulous trip to Shang Simla!! :sigh:
    Will you play her there? I’m dying of boredom each time I try to play adventures. I’d be curious to see if you manage to have fun without your beautiful town! Anyway, Ofelia for sure will have fun! :chugga:

    Awww, so Jacob is in couple with Lucia? :sigh: I like this guy. :nod: Sienna looks like a real little darling!
    Ooooh, and here’s Sven! It’s actually very funny too to retro-read/back-read!
    Yeah, I wonder too about the dating system, Armelle is the one who uses it the most and it’s how she found a one-night adventure, but no love. I think there was also married men? I remember I had to ignore 75% of the possible dates.
    Anyway, Sophia and Sven are very cute together, and put my Sims to shame (lately, it seems they all absorbed a woohoo potion…)

    For the roof, you can eventually block the snow if you edit the packages (all the packages) with s3pe. I don’t remember if you get it working on a Windows emulator or what. Anyway, open each package, click on OBJD then on Grid. Here, on the first line, “Version”, put 0x0000001A, click on Commit (we’ve just added a new menu option). Re-click on the OBJD then on Grid. Now, find the ObjectTypeFlags2 line, it begins by “Spiralstaircase”. Enter 0x00001000, and you’ve just enabled the BlockSnowUnderObject, now it won’t snow in your greenhouse anymore!
    So. How much did you miss me? :cheesy:
    (OK, you didn’t because you can’t use s3pe or because there’s 10 packages to edit… :chuckle:)

    Awww, how super cute to have a grand-parents day!!! I wouldn’t be able to play that without crying all the time, but it’s over cute!!


  3. Sandy says:

    (oops, sorry, it ate my part about the students party: Boring parties. Been there. Both in game and in real life. :chuckle: But still so enjoyable to see your students!! :kiss: :)

    • Sara says:

      Oooh, thank you for the very nerdy tip about s3pe! :clap: The green house is so lovely in winter, so it is such a shame that it doesn’t really work inside. I will have to fix the roof for the next winter!

      Hmm, yeah, the idea was so play with Ofelia in Shang Simla, but I know…. I will probably be so bored! I took some sims on holiday to Isla Paradiso and it was so boring too! But who am I to deny Ofelia her biggest wish? :lol:

      Jacob and Lucia are together, and they are soooo cute!!
      The dating system :doh: So stupid, it’s all married men :facepalm:

      :friends: Aaaw, grandparent’s day was cute.

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