SimNovember: It’s going to be a long Winter (pt1)

What were the Sim Gods/Goddesses thinking??

:thinking: Clearly, they had misunderstood something: Winter isn’t supposed to begin in November already!! :facepalm:

(I’m so sorry, Bimlico :sorry: )

But Matthew didn’t mind. Winter had come, and that was an excuse to eat a little bit extra – you know, to keep the cold out :nod:

Jenna looked at her husband in disbelief: We just came back from a feast party!!


Despite this sudden onset of winter, the following morning went by like most other days at the Parker home:

Ofelia was up early to practice her martial arts. Matthew slept in. The girls went off to school and work.


Hours later, Matthew got up and did whatever pleased him!


Aaah, the perks of being retired :yahoo:

An afternoon with the girls

Most classes had ended, and Ofelia and Amy were waiting for Selma to finish up, so they could all hang out. Poor Seth stood next to the girls for so long, and they never so much as looked at him :pardon:


Selma finally came out of the school, and proposed to Ofelia that they all head to the Ping-Pong Café over by the university.

Ofelia obliged, but said they were not quite done playing in the snow yet!

Selma was happy with herself. She had tricked her friends into going with her to check out university guys, without them even knowing that that’s what they were doing! :mwaha:



But first: More fun in the snow!

Selma couldn’t deny that although she felt like she was sooo ready to leave high school, a good old snowball fight was still super fun!


Of course, Seth came out to join. He doesn’t give up so easily :giggle:

When the girls arrived at the Ping-Pong Café later, Amy stopped the girls almost as soon as they got in the door:

You guys… I know we could all use a hot chocolate right now, my hands are freezing after that snowball fight, but… I really have to tell you something first…. You’re my best friends, and I feel like I can tell you everything, so here goes: I’m pretty sure I’m into girls. I’m gay. 

Time seemed to stand still for a second and all girls stood staring into space.


Of course, Ofelia was the one to break the silence with a huge grin:

Did you hear it, Selma?? Amy likes girls! More uni guys just for you then! :lol: That’s so cool of you to tell us Amy, come here!! No touching, hehehe!

Thankfully, the many years of friendship have made Amy exceptionally tolerant of Ofelia’s humour :lol:

Selma was still a little shocked by the news :giggle:


Amy forgot everything about hot chocolate – the love from her friends had warmed her up, so she went straight for one of the ping-pong tables.

Ofelia couldn’t resist teasing the poor Selma.

Ofelia: I have a secret to tell you too. I know I definitely like guys, because I kissed someone at Camp Windiwell this summer!! 

Selma: WHAT??? WHY haven’t you told me??? I can’t believe you, Ofi… You’re supposed to be my best friend!! 

Ofelia: Ahahaha! 

Selma: Okay, okay… Tell me who it was!!


Selma’s great idea

Selma spent the next few days being sad that Ofelia had had her first kiss before Selma had even held the hand of a boy :(

But on Saturday morning, she woke up with renewed energy!


After a healthy breakfast (and pointing out how unhealthy Celia‘s was), Selma got ready and started calling everyone she knew!


If she had learnt something from the other day, it was that her friends just weren’t as mature as herself yet ( :giggle: Selma’s words, not mine).

So she decided to show herself from her best, most generous and caring side, and organise a day of fun for her friends.


All the teens met up by the lake, which was completely frozen and surrounded by beautiful snow!

Since the Beer Garden is closed for the winter, Violet Periwinkle has a little snack stand that she moves around.


Selma and Camille started a snowball fight, which soon attracted more and more of the teens! (Like Etienne and Silas)


I loved this! Molly really arrived in style – on Butter! So cool! :clap:

Billy was the first on the ice – a total natural!


Good call, Molly! Butter attracted a lot of the teens – most importantly: Seth!! :heartpump: (Molly has a major crush!)

Molly wasn’t really sure how to get Seth’s attention, though… She tried making a snow angel right next to him…

Marcie: .oO(Dude, that’s just desperate. He’s not even looking!)


Daria and Billy have become quite good friends recently. Daria always gets along really well with the guys, but it seems to be a little different with Billy.


Etienne and Miles have also become great friends. They share a love of comic books.


:facepalm: Come on, Molly!! How about building one together??


Ofelia really couldn’t get enough of the snowball fight. She and Camille just kept fighting and fighting, while most of the other teens put on their skates to go on the ice.

Daria and Billy didn’t either. They had so much to discuss! Etienne noticed this as well… :brow:


I don’t know if Etienne feels protective of Daria or jealous of Billy, but he went and stood reaaally close to them! :popcorn:


Finally, Ofelia had enough of the snowball fighting. She felt hungry! Seth took the opportunity to approach her…. :shock:


But I guess he hadn’t gathered that much courage :pardon:


Uh-oh, maybe Silas got the same idea? He headed straight for Ofelia…. :shock: :shock:


… but he was interrupted by Marcie (who is the twins’ cousin, by the way!).


Selma was struggling a bit with the ice skating. She almost lost her balance, and just when she regained it… :flirty: Who was that young man approaching?!


Even though the afternoon sun made the otherwise lovely scene with the snow look pretty ghastly, Selma knew an opportunity when she saw one!

.oO(I’ll just casually sit down next to him with my food and strike up a conversation! :nod:  )


But I guess she chickened out (like Seth did), because she didn’t order anything after all, and instead of joining the lovely young man, she sat down with Ofelia and Seth :facepalm:

(Yeah, look at those nerds in the background :roll: )


No!! I need to take matters into my own hands… Just one foot in front of the other!

Even Butter came to see what Selma would do :chuckle:

And just like that, she found herself standing right in front of the young guy, who was even cuter up close!


Selma introduced herself, and was relieved when the young guy got up from his seat and seemed interested to speak to her. Of course he is Malcolm – Miles’ and Marcie’s older brother, who studies at Bimlico University!


It seemed that Selma’s braveness inspired Seth and Ofelia. They both got up from their seats….


… but Seth went to join the snowball fight, and Ofelia… Well…. :pardon: She was just being Ofelia! :lol:

(On the contrary, things seemed to be going great for Selma and Malcolm)


It’s funny how Ofelia is so interactive with most sims, but for some reason, just not when it comes to Seth – Even though they are still “romantic interests” and their relationship has improved some since their kiss and arguments Camp Windiwell…. :thinking:


Butter was trying to tell Molly that it was about time to go home :heart:


And Butter was right! It was getting dark, and all the teens were sleepy after a long day of playing in the snow.

Selma said goodbye to Malcolm (they built the igloo together :heart: ), and most of the sims went on their way home…


See who stayed behind on page 2! :heybaby:






7 comments on “SimNovember: It’s going to be a long Winter (pt1)
  1. Sandy says:

    Bimlico is indeed lovely under the snow, and it’s good to see snow now! (I love the frost on the windows!!! So not eco-friendly, but SOOOOO lovely!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: )
    Yeah for Matthew enjoying his retirement!! :sigh:
    Ahah, it seems Seth isn’t much luckier than his brother to catch girls’ attention! :chuckle:
    Aww, your girls playing in the snow in front of your (A-MA-ZING!) high-school are too funny! Of course, Seth had to crash their game! :rofl:

    Ahah, Ofelia and her inappropriate (but in-a-good-way… :chuckle: ) trait! :lol:
    I love this girl. :friends: I might have already said that once or twice… :hmm:
    YEAH, Amy for telling your friends! It won’t change anything, you’ll see! :hugs:
    Ah, Selma and Ofi’s dialog cracked me up! :lol: I understand Selma’s indignation for not having been in the secret! Even we, we knew (and have gossiped!) about that kiss! :p ;)
    (also … HELLO EMILY!!!!! :wave: )

    Aww, that day in snow looks so beautiful! I love the color of the light at this hour, with the sun setting down! :sigh:
    Hello Silas and Etienne!!
    AWWWW, how gorgeous that Molly came with Butter!!!! :heart: That’s so typical! Billy is a star on ice!! :thumb:
    Ahaaawwwwwahhhhawwww!!! I found adorably cute that she tried to catch Seth’s attention with a snow angel! The picture is just hilarious as we hardly see her, just snow around… and Seth ignoring her completely! Awww. Teens!
    She’s adorably clueless with boys!! :giggle:
    Ahaha @ Etienne stalking Billy and Daria! :lol:
    AWWWW (I’m melting way faster than snow in Bimlico!! ;)), Seth’s failed approach to Ofelia is PRICELESS!!! :popcorn:
    I :chuckle: at Selma being not braver than anyone else! That’s just TOO CUTE!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Seth’s face is plainly hilarious at that point!!! :rofl:
    (:facepalm: @ the homework moment… Teens aren’t what they used to be! :p)
    Oooh, that’s too nice from Butter to encorage Selma!! :pinkcheer:
    YEAH, Selma for talking to Malcom!!!! :superman: YOU DID IT, GIRL!!! :clap:
    AWWWW, Butter calling for Molly is… :heart: :heart: :heart: That’s too precious!!!!
    OMG. What a cliffhanger!!!!!!!! :popcorn:

    • Sara says:

      I felt really stupid when I realised it was Winter in Bimlico when it was supposed to be Autumn :facepalm: Ahh well, Bimlico will have a long Winter then :pardon:

      Poor Seth! He really has no luck with the ladies :giggle:

      And Ofi will always be inappropriate, regardless of how many times I check if she has the “in a good way” award…. She has a mind of her own, apparently :chuckle:
      I felt really sorry for Selma that she didn’t know of this MAJOR LIFE EVENT of her best friend… I just don’t think Ofelia sees it that way :hmm: :pardon:

      I SO loved that Molly arrived on Butter! Maybe she should have used Butter to show off in front of Seth? None of her other “tricks” worked :chuckle:

      Seth cracked me up! I guess it was because he ordered only juice that he sat down like that instead of facing Ofelia. The two never spoke a single word during this whole day! :facepalm:


  2. Kim(mi) says:

    :lol: Matthew! He’s growing what my brother in law calls a winterbelly!

    Hello girls (and Seth)! :wave:
    Awww, Amy, brave girl! This is not an easy thing to admit, but she did well and :chuckle: at Ofi!

    Hahaha, did Ofi tell who it was?
    (Btw, Elvis cat picture = AWESOME!)

    Awww, the snow fun by the lake looks so gorgeous!
    Molly!!! :wave:
    Ooooh Billy and Daria! Is there something going on here? :popcorn:

    Seth approached Ofelia! I was sitting here like :popcorn: , but then nothing happened haha!

    What’s that? A charming, older man! GO SELMA!!!

    :rofl: at the nerds! That’s sure to get your bums cold dudes!

    Malcolm is a cutie, I can see why she would be interested!

    Awww Butter, I bet he’s cold!

    What a fun day! Onto part 2 to see who stayed behind!!

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    Ps I only just saw the HOT WINGS poster!! They’ll feel so honoured their poster is up in Bimlico! Did Silas put it up? ;)

    • Sara says:

      (It was actually Emily who put the Hot Wings poster up! She saw them in concert too, and got a poster ;) )

      :rofl: @ “winterbelly”! That is totally something Matthew would say!!! :lol:

      Yes, it was brave of Amy, especially taking into account that she must have known how especially one of her friends would react :chuckle: Ofi is Ofi!

      Billy and Daria would be such a cute couple!! They are always so interested in each other! But I guess at least one of them doesn’t feel “that way” about the other :(

      I know, Seth is so…. :facepalm: :lol:

  4. Lea says:

    Oh no, I’m late to the party again!! :sorry:
    Mathew seems to be able to eat aven after a fancy feast party! :giggle: I ove how Jenna looks, something like: What da heck are ya doin’?! :chuckle:
    Ofelia being Ofelia, practicing day and night.I think she wants to beat Jérémy at the next Sports Festival! :lol:
    I’m thinking Ofi has a negative crush on the Day brothers… :nerd:
    Selma … alwys behing guys, huh? :P
    SNOWBALL FIGHT! *jumps around and pushes everyones face into the snow* – now, that’s not true, I’m not violent :nod: (Oh well, :mwaha: )
    :chuckle: at Ofelia rescuing the ankward Situation with her humor!
    Oh Selma, you can’t be the first everytime! :hugs:
    I love that Selma organised that day!And Molly on Butter! :heartpump:
    Marcie is cute! :heart: She just invites me to cuddle her! :hugs: :hugs:
    Billy and Daria would make a cute couple! :sigh:
    :heat: Hello there, handsome. :heybaby: :heybaby:
    GOOOO SELMA! :superman: You get this guy!
    Making homework, really? :brow:
    Aww, they built the igloo together! :heart: :heart:
    I.must.continue. :shout:

    • Sara says:

      :chuckle: Jenna does not pretty astonished, doesn’t she?
      I think you are right about Ofi – both that she wants to beat Jérémy, and that she has a negative crush on the Day twins :lol:
      It was very nice of Selma to organise that snow get-together, right? Everyone had a blast!

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