SimNovember: It’s going to be a long Winter (pt2)


While everyone else went home, Camille and Billy stayed behind….


:shock:  I guess Camille’s feelings for Billy may be returned? They flirted for a bit, and then Billy felt romantic…


Even though the snow was pretty deep, these two sat down to look at the stars from the top of the hill
(okay, we all know that I helped them with that location. Being sims, they of course started the star gazing with their back towards the lake, looking straight into a hill
:roll: ).

Camille felt so happy when Billy took her hand (even though that must have been extremely cold :hmm: ).


:heartpump: :heartpump:


Billy is afraid of the dark, but of course he couldn’t tell Camille that. Instead, he used their frozen hands an excuse for it being about time they head home.
Even though not much had happened between them, they decided there was no need to tell anyone. And they better bike home separately, just to make sure…


Back home, Camille was ecstatic!!! She couldn’t stop smiling, and even though she’d just agreed not to tell anyone, she had to text Molly!


Etienne was in a great mood too! He had missed his lizard, Kurt :chuckle:


With the University students

New students have started at or transferred to Bimlico University! Check out their rooms at the Student residence.

Malcolm and Adam really appreciated having some more guys living at the student residence.

Here they are with Ryder and Milo doing one of their favourite things: Playing foosball!


The whole gang went over to the Radio Station, to listen to Adam‘s transmission… or at least pretend like that’s what they were doing!


The only one who paid attention was Eric Woods, who had come to hang out :dunno:

Lilian, one of the new female students, wasn’t sure what to make of this Bimlico local! :giggle:


…and yup, that’s Sophia in the background, dancing with Milo…  Those two hit it off pretty quickly :hmm:

(That’s Ryder’s hand, agreeing with me :chuckle: )


Although Lilian is studying to be an art teacher for children, she is a rebel at heart! It was pretty rude to interrupt Adam’s show like that, but no one really paid any attention to either of them anyway :lol:


I’m not sure Milo is used to snow where he comes from :giggle:


After Adam’s show was over, they all decided to head downtown for some food and drinks at the Bowling alley.

Lilian wanted to discuss Adam’s show, so they sat together. But Adam was finding it difficult to concentrate…


Maybe because Poppy was deep in conversation with Malcolm…


Oh yeah, let’s meet the other new female student! It’s Marly!



Adam ran into his sister Alice :hugs:


It was actually quite perfect timing, because Adam really wanted to talk to her about something…

“So, uhh, sis…. There’s this girl, Poppy. She’s here… She’s really cool, and we’ve been seeing each other for some time now… I don’t know if she’s in it just for my amazing kissing skills and awesome body – uhh, which would be totally cool, I don’t blame her! – but… can’t you go talk to her and use your female-skills to find out whether she likes more than just that? Please..?

Alice obliged, even though she wasn’t really sure what it was Adam wanted her to do, so she went and said hi to Poppy… who initially seemed pretty annoyed with being interrupted, but quickly warmed up to Alice :)


Adam was pretty happy with himself.



We must be related….


Yep. We definitely are. :lol:  


Marly hadn’t joined everyone else in the bar. She often prefers her own company, but I guess when she spotted Prof. Charles, she had to get up and talk to him about classes!


Downstairs, the first bowling match had begun! Adam and Poppy were team Llama. Malcolm and Lilian were team Kitten.



I guess Marly’s talk with Prof. Charles had boosted her confidence, because she finally ventured downstairs and went straight for the bar! Here, she met a very brave young man in shorts despite the thick snow outside ( :roll: ): Gabriel.


Uhhmm, also present at the Bowling Alley this evening: Remy and Jenny :brow:


I think Adam and Poppy won the bowling, because things were heating up at the bar!

Alice: Hmm, I wonder if that girl’s old enough to buy a dri… uuuuhhh, Adam, I did not need to see that!!


:hmm: Marly, usually anti-social, seemed to be having a great talk with Gabriel  :heyhey: But… Moments later…



Lilian met Amy… And Adam and Poppy suddenly had to go home :brow:


I don’t know what it was with Marly and Gabriel, they kept being veeeery friendly one second, and arguing the next!

Could there be chemistry? … good or bad?
(Marly is artistic, and Gabriel hates art. Whenever they stayed clear of that topic, things went great between them  :chuckle: )


Back home…


In other news

Both of Adam‘s sisters have finally moved into their homes in Bimlico: Olivia and her fiancee Ryan live in Lemontown.

And Alice, whom you met earlier, lives Downtown with her boyfriend Mike.


Shannon started a club for ice swimmers. So far, it has one member: Shannon :thumbs:


Alice’s boyfriend Mike took their dog Nero to the gym.


It was pretty busy! But Nero was very uninterested….


Birthdays this month:


Ofelia turned 17
Prof. Charles turned 61
Amy turned 19 (I’m sure that’s why she was at the bar :chuckle: )
Mike L turned 38
Alice turned 24
Ron turned 29
Ava turned 23

6 comments on “SimNovember: It’s going to be a long Winter (pt2)
  1. Sandy says:

    Camille and Billy!!!!!! AWWWWWWW!!!! :heartpump: (hhuuuuh… can I say Camille is also one of my favorite? :sorry: She’s so sweet! :heart:)
    AWWWWW, star gazing!!! (under a meter of snow! :chuckle: ) Oh my, you took amazing pictures of this moment, love!!! That’s sooo beautiful! And Billy’s look!!! :heart: AWWWWWW!!!! (again, yes, just stop being so amazingly cute with your Simmies! :rasp: )
    *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* Camille looks so over the moon!!!! :heart: Awwww!!!

    Aha, I love how we change of atmosphere with Etienne!! :lol:

    Hello the students!!! :wave:
    Ah, yes, playing foosball all day long! Typical!! :p
    Oh, hello Eric!! Glasses suit him pretty well!!! :flirty:
    Ahaha, it’s lovely of Sophia is always partying somewhere! :girldance:
    Lilian is awesome!!! I love her look! :heart: (gooooorgeous coat!)
    Hmmm, Malcom is good at catching girls attention, isn’t he? :hmm:
    :hugs: for Adam! He looks so pertubed! That picture is another priceless one! :heart:
    Hello new student Marly!!! Wow, your university gets seriously crowded!!! :clap:
    :giggle: @ Adam’s plan with Alice’s assistance!! That’s too adorable!
    :spit: @ Lilian and Benjamin!!! These ones are match in Heaven! :lol:
    Marly does her best to have the best grades!! We don’t know her yet, but I’d bet for an ambitious, workhaolic or bookworm. :hmm:
    :clap: for the bowling!! (I can’t prevent from “awwww” again at the teams! :giggle: )
    Hello there, Gabriel! :flirty: (wow, yes, this man can handle cold and snow!! :shocked: )
    Remy and Jenny!!! :toofunny: Awwwww, Jenny cracks me up more than I could say!! :rofl:
    Oh, the picture with Alice at the bar is another priceless moment: first, Benjamin, and same place, few seconds later, Lilian, just as he *turned into* Lilian! :rubeyes:
    :giggle: aha, too bad, Marly, it was a good start, though! :chuckle: Oh, antisocial, huh? :giggle: I love her already. :friends:
    AH, see, Adam, there was nothing to worry about! ;)
    That’s so very Shannon to have a club for ice swimmers! (and so very danish idea! :giggle: )
    Happy birthday, Amy!!! :confetti:

    AAAAWWWW, that was just GREAT. GREAT. GREAT.
    I love your Simmies! :heartpump: (and you, of course! :p)

    • Sara says:

      :friends: Aaaaw, of course Camille can be a(nother) favourite! I know listing my favourite Sandy Valley and Honeycomb Valley sims would be… impossible! It’s all of them!!

      :lol: I thought it was so funny that while Camille was so happy in her room, Etienne lives in a COMPLETELY different world at the other end of the hall!
      Billy and Camille’s romantic moment was so sweet! And I think I had just installed that mod that gives a nicer night sky with stars. It was beautiful! (But gosh, they must have gotten cold and wet bums from that! :chuckle: )

      Eric was acting as goofy as ever! He did talk a lot with Ryder, though! Maybe he feels more comfortable in his own environment than visiting unknown places? :chuckle: (And I’m not sure where the glasses come from! Maybe he usually wears contacts? :dunno: )

      Yes, my university is crowded now :yahoo: Only one room left at the Student residence!! I downloaded all the students, I should update the Students-page :hmm:

      I was laughing out loud at Lilian and Benjamin!! I never made the connection between until that moment – they could be twins :rofl:

      :lol: I think you are right about at least one of Marly’s traits!!

      Jenny and Remy cracked me up! I couldn’t send them home, even though their visit was so inappropriate! They were having so much fun running around upstairs, playing and eating cookies!

      This Lilian/Benjamin thing needs to be explored further :hmm: :lol:

      I was so surprised to see an absolutely thrilled Shannon, completely and utterly alone on the beach on an afternoon, having a blast in the water! Yes, very Danish with ice swimming *brrrr* Not for me, though! (I’m thinking I should build a little sauna hut by the beach to REALLY have an ice swimming club :lol: )

      Thank you so, so much, Sandy! I am so happy you enjoyed the story :yahoo: More to come!

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    CAMILLE and Billy?! And he was just getting so close with Daria!

    What a romantic place for star gazing! A bit cold though!

    Aww this is just too cute! The hug is adorable!

    Awwwww Camille’s response when she got home!

    Etienne rocks! As does his geeky bedroom!

    Hello students! :wave: (I give my students FAR too little playtime…)

    Sophia and Milo! That seems like a good match to me!
    :rofl: at Ryder’s hand photobombing!

    Awww they’re having such a good day! Your students are such great characters!

    Hi Marly! :wave: She’s so cute!
    Adam is so cute being into Poppy like that! But obviously just being very cool about it! ;)

    :lol: Lillian and Benjamin truly MUST be related! Hahahaha!

    Hahaha, Amy buying a drink! She feels old enough now!

    Oh Marly, that’s no way to make friends, love…

    Adam and Poppy are doing well!

    Hello sisters! :wave:

    Goooo Shannon!

    NEW DOGGY IN TOWN! you have the BEST pets Sara-love!

    Oooh, birthdays of the month! That’s a great idea! I shall borrow this idea!

    GREAT story my darling! :confetti2:

    • Sara says:

      I was kind of rooting for Daria, but Billy had is own ideas (or maybe it was Camille’s charms :giggle: ). They were so cute together though (despite frozen)!

      Etienne is so funny! And he finally got to show his lizard!

      I think Sophia agrees with you (and me, and Ryder) on the match between her and Milo :flirty:

      And Adam and Poppy are definitely a great match! Whenever I visit the students, it is just a matter of moments before these two get.. romantic :giggle:

      I’m sure there was some magic involved with Lilian and Benjamin. I imagine their tagline is: “Separated at birth” :chuckle:

      Yeah, Amy ventured into town on her own to buy her first drink. I’m sure Selma felt left out. Again. :chuckle:

      Marly and Gabriel were acting so weird! It was so much fun to watch: “compliment something…” … “argue about something” …. :dunno:

      YES, I would love to follow your sims’ birthdays! I thought it was a good way of ending each month – also, so I remember to update their pages :chuckle:

      Kim, you are the best! Thank you for your lovely comment! :kiss: :kiss:

  3. Lea says:

    I’m not sure what I should think about Camille :( they’re truly cute, but what about Daria? :thinking:
    :lol: I love Etienne.
    Ohh, so much nice newbies :flirty: too nice newbies…
    :headbang: PARTEY at the Radio Station!!Oh, okay, I understand guys, you’re not in the mood for a party… :scratch:
    Bowling!Go team dogs!Oh, Team Dogs has no members :pardon:
    Hi Marley! :wave3:
    Ben and Lilian MUST be related, there’s no choice :P
    Hello Gabriel! :cheesy:
    :toofunny: I love the sight of this Little pink dinosaur!
    We’ll see what happens with Marley and Gabriel :waiting:
    Adam and Poppy, I’ll leave you here … :whistle:
    Awww, such lovely couples! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    How cute Nero is sleeping on the bench! :giveheart:
    :rofl: Oh Shennon, you rock! :headbang:
    A lovely and great update!!I have a slightly idea who will visit for Christmas maybe?! :flirty:

  4. Sara says:

    Yeah.. We’ll see how Daria reacts – if she finds out at all!
    :pinkcheer: Goooo Team Dogs!! … ohhh, wait! :lol:
    Jenny is hilarious in her pink dinosaur outfit!!

    I think your smiley sums it up: :waiting: We’ll see what happens between Marley and Gabriel…. in a million years!!

    Thank you for your comments, sweetie! :giveheart:

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