October with the Woods Family (pt1)

For the Woods family, October is a special month. Jasper and Jenny’s favourite day in the whole year is Spooky Day where they get to wear cool costumes and eat lots of candy! But it is also Clara’s birthday, and the Woods love a good party!


Spooky Day with the Woods Family

On the morning of Spooky Day, the whole family got up early to get their jobs (that Clara of course set for them) out of the way as quickly as possible… and just in time for a rain shower!


Clara then prepared lunch for everyone before the trip to the pumpkin patch at the Old Water Tower park.


Jenny went and asked her best friend Celia – who lives right across the street! – to go with them and soon they were all on their way!


YEEEEES! A haunted house had been set up at the park – PERFECT for Jenny and Celia!

:wave: Grandpa Matthew had also come to the park for a fun afternoon.


Clara started harvesting the pumpkins while Jasper and Grandpa were goofing around :giggle:


The girls had their photo taken before gathering their courage to enter the haunted house! (Tyla, Celia’s mom, had come to the park as well, probably to keep an eye on her daredevil daughter :chuckle: )


Finally, Ben arrived with Jonas (the baby stroller is so sloooow), and he tried to think of an excuse for letting the girls enter the haunted house unsupervised by an adult…. :pardon:


The kids were full of energy and played tag!


Little Jonas was playing hide and seek :giggle:


After an exhausting game of tag, Jasper thought it was time for a ghost story (it was Spooky Day, after all!)


Clara “found” Jonas!


Then it was picnic time! One table for adults, one just for kids :nod:


I think Tyla is an over-protective mom… She came to supervise the kids – much to Jenny‘s annoyance!

Your mom…. Seriously??



After dinner, the family went back home. Ben fed Jonas, while Bubbles took a nap in the kitchen :hugs:


The last hours of light were used carving the pumpkins they had brought home from the park.


The highlight of the day: Getting into the costumes to go trick or treating!! :yahoo:

Ben proudly sent his kids off :sigh:


The first house on the list was Grandpa’s house (which is right next to the Woods’ house). Jasper and Jenny waited and waited for Grandpa to come out… so long, in fact, that his was the only house they got to visit that night! :facepalm:


But Jasper and Jenny didn’t mind at all! They had to be home at a certain time to give their mom her surprise birthday present!! :yahoo:

Clara was getting a little impatient, and Ben was nervous that the kids’ whispering would ruin the surprise….


Ben: Honey, we love you. Even when you make us work in the garden. The kids and I prepared a surprise for you….




So pretty :sigh:


.. but there was MORE!




After such a long day, the children was exhausted! They hugged their mom goodnight and went straight to bed!


Ben: Let’s stay out here just a little while longer :flirty:  



Then it was time for bed… All the kids were fast asleep….


The adults were (almost) asleep…



:scared: Oh no, flashback to Sims 2…..! :shock:

(Read what that led to the last time, here!)



Spooky Day had been a huge success for everyone! Ben snapped a photo of his kids in front of the pumpkin lanterns before they went trick or treating… Unfortunately, Ben is a terrible photographer! (Notice the photograph in Ben and Clara’s bedroom :rofl: )



Want to know how the Woods family threw a tantrum and a Winter feast party? Go to page 2!


9 comments on “October with the Woods Family (pt1)
  1. Sandy says:

    *squeeeeeeeeee* October with the Woods!!!!! How exciting!!!! Awww, Jenny had to own the cutest umbrella that has ever existed in the whole umbrella universe!!! :heart:
    :wave: Jasper love!!! And those wellies!!! :swoon: Awww, I’m melting quicker than a snowman near a heater here… :sigh:

    Awww, Grand-Pa and Jasper make a lovely pair! :heartpump:
    Ahahah, I love how Tyla kept an eye on her daughter all the time, even during the picnic!!! That was hilarious!!! :toofunny:
    Aw, Jonas playing hide and seek in the pumpkins!!! That’s purely adorable. :heart: I like how Clara came to “pick” him.
    :chuckle: I can’t prevent from laughing again at that picnic!!! Tyla cracks me up. I love how Jenny looks shocked!! Hey, aren’t they big girls enough to eat without a mum?

    Ahaha, I laughed a lot of the kind of Trick or Treat failure!!! :rofl: So fun that they could only visit their grand-pa’s! :D (the Tricks & Treats run on my nerves because it happens at EVERY seasons! I had it in winter, I get it in Spring. That’s so not funny! :mad: )

    AWWWWWWW, look at that!! FIREWORKs!!!!! Awwww, how Ben knows to make a woman happy!!! That’s such a lovely birthday present!!! Doh, you took classes with Kim for the perfection of fireworks. Next time, girls, take me with you! Mine are always LOUSY! :dunno:)
    Awww, Ben, Ben, my romantic nerd. :sigh: Stargazing!!! How cute!!

    Aahah @ the Jaws theme!!! :rofl:
    :pinkcheer: More Woods, more Woods!!!! :cheeky:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Thank you so much for your comment, Sandy!!
      The Woods had a really good time, huh? :sigh: I love this family! :giggle: I knew you’d appreciate Ben displaying his charming nerdiness!! The fireworks were really pretty!!!
      Ughhh, trick or treating in spring? :facepalm: It was pretty lame :dunno:

      NO!! :punish: NO more Woods’!!!

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    Yay a day with The Woods!! Happy news!

    A day out! And a haunted house no less! Wow!I hope grandpa isn’t too cold in those shorts… Oh wait! He magically changed into something warmer! Good!

    Tyla really looks to be asking Ben “what’s up with this?” Haha! :lol:
    I see the girls made it out alive though!

    Awww, Jonas in the bushes looks so cute!

    I love how involved Matthew is in Jasper’s ghost story! GREAT grandfather!

    The autumn light is so pretty! Haha, yes, Tyla does seem like an overprotective mum indeed…

    BUBBLES!! You’re too cute!

    Pumpkin carving is so awesome! I love this action!

    JASPER! You awesome dude! Dressing up in costume, but still wearing his hat!

    FIREWORKS for mum!!! I know Sandy said she’s never seen fireworks as pretty as in my game, but I think yours are even better! YAY! And SPARKLERS!! What a great birthday present!

    Awww, Ben and Clara watching the stars, how adorable… :sigh:

    BAHAHAHA, JAWS THEME! :rofl: Oh dear, baby number 4…?

    I love the pictures, even if they are dark!

    PART 2!!!

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: I knew someone would notice Matthew suddenly changing his clothes! He looked so COLD!!

      I loved how Tyla came to supervise! She clearly doesn’t know who she’s dealing with: Celia, a daredevil, and Jenny… Those two will do whatever they want :lol:

      :sigh: Yeah, Matthew is such a great grandfather! (Although, the last time I visited him, he wanted to have a child… :brow: His oldest daughter is 41, the youngest 15… :facepalm: )

      YES, I really loved the pumpkin carving! I was just annoyed that they couldn’t do it at the park, even though I have the mod installed :dunno:

      :chuckle: Jasper NEVER takes his hat off!

      I’m beginning to think Sandy might choose the wrong kind of fireworks :hmm:

      No, no, no, no more babies for these ones! :nah:

  3. Lea says:

    A Sara-Story!! :confetti:
    Spooooooooooooky day! :yahoo:
    Let’s go to the park! :girldance:
    Hey,grandpa! :wave2:
    Ohhh,haunted house!You are tough girls! :cool:
    :toofunny: at Ben being confused by explaining Tyla why the Girls are in the haunted house.
    Awwww,Jonas is too cute for me! :heartpump: :heart: :heartpump:
    :lol: Grandpa playing scared at the ghost Story!
    Come on,Tyla!Calm down a bit! :blum:
    Bubbles is really lovely!Love his name :bubbles:
    Pumpkin carvin’!!! :joy:
    I’m going as ninja :ninja:
    Darn,Grandpa! :mad:
    Firewooooorks!!! :joy: SPARKLERS!!!!!!!! :kaboom:
    Aww even the bed stayed the same! :heart:
    Happy women,happy life,I guess?! :cheeky:
    *bouncing on part two* :confetti2:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Lea!
      Yeah, these girls are pretty tough, right? :headbang:
      :lol: I would go as a ninja too! A ninja turtle!!!
      Aaaw, thank you for noticing the bed!! :blush: I looked at old pictures so the family could take their old furniture with them into Sims 3… so nerdy! :nerd:

  4. Lea says:

    Ninja turbies!!! :ninja:

  5. First of all, Autumn looks beautiful in your game! Raking leaves in the rain though…slightly mean, Clara!!

    The water park looks great with its Halloween theme!! You’ve done a great job with it!!! The photo of Jonas playing hide and seek is just <3 <3 !! What a perfect way to end spooky day, with a ghost story!

    Oh pumpkin carving! The alient costume is slightly…scary looking. Reminds me of a bald Pollination Tech!

    Fireworks <3 !!!

    Oh no! Baby number four??

    Great update :) Your sims seemed to have a lovely Spooky Day!

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