October with the Woods Family (pt2)


The Winter Feast Party

It was evident that Autumn was coming to an end already the day after Spooky Day when the temperature suddenly dropped.

Ben woke up Jonas, while Jasper chose to spend his morning doing his homework (that over-achiever!)


Clara and Bubbles were still snoring away :giggle:


… but not for long! Clara had organised a feast party for her friends and neighbours, so today was extra-full of jobs for everyone to do!!


Jenny was in no rush to get up (look at her new picture of her and Celia from the day before!)


The family had a simple breakfast together (they were hosting a feast party, after all).


Clara didn’t waste the opportunity to discuss all the things that needed to be done for the party.

She told the kids that once they finished breakfast, they had two jobs to do: One of them was to tidy up the toys and help dad out in the garden, the other should clean up breakfast, collect laundry, and look after little brother Jonas.

You have to figure out yourself who does what – you’re big kids now!


Jasper and Jenny looked at each other, one more afraid to speak the first word than the other… What would be the best move?   :hmm:

Jenny spoke first: Since I am still in my PJs, and you are already dressed, you should go outside with dad! :nod:


Jasper collected all the toys, while Jenny took care of the dirty dishes.


Jenny really hates doing housework! She was so bored, and felt so mischievous, so she scared Jasper, who screamed and then quickly went outside.


Jenny thought the rest of the housework could wait a little (side note: Bear in mind that Jenny’s aunt is Sophia Parker :chuckle: ). It was so much more fun to play with Jonas!


But she was still feeling mischievous and just couldn’t help herself…

Must. Prank. Sofa.!


Outside, Jasper was hard at work!


Uh-oh!!! Jenny, still not dressed, still not done with her jobs, was caught slacking off by her mom!!

Clara was furious!! The guests will be here soon!! You’re not even dressed!!!


Jenny gave her mom a look, and quickly threw the laundry in the machine and then went to her room to sulk tidy up and to change.


Clara got started on her job: The pumpkin pie! (While everyone was working through the morning, Clara had taken a long bath. Pie baking requires a fresh mind, don’t you know?)


Just as Ben came inside again, Jenny came out of her room…

Ben: Oh dear… Here comes trouble! … I better leave. Right now.

Clara was so concentrated on her perfect pie that she didn’t even notice Jenny creeping up on her….


Jenny quickly ran towards her room, but Clara was fast – and furious! (Ben was trying to dissappear) She was very disappointed in Jenny’s behaviour and told her to go to her room and do homework until the guests arrived. She expected to see a better behaviour then!!


Ben tried to cheer up Clara: Honey, don’t worry, that’s what kids are like. I think you’re a fantastic mom!! I have just one more surprise for you….

Ben is such a charmer! :sigh: He managed to change Clara’s mood around, and she didn’t even notice that the first guests had already started to arrive!

(I’m sure though, in Ben’s mind he was thinking “Imagine Jenny as a teenager. We’re doomed.”)


The first neighbours to arrive were the Days and Grandpa Matthew!

Jasper gave his Grandpa a huge hug! These two are really great friends.

Selma received a text from BFF Ofelia who was on her way (Thank goodness, this party is all old people and children!)


Ofelia did arrive. But she didn’t seem to notice Silas at all :pardon:


Jenny was really not in the mood for all these guests. She met Celia outside for a game of tag (No, Jenny is not wearing another costume. That is her outerwear :nod: ).

Inside, the party was going great, and all the guests were eating all the delicious food everyone brought!


Silas was talking to Selma, and Ofelia just found the whole party totally boring.


Selma really, really, really wants a boyfriend, but there aren’t any boys her age in school. She was even envious of her own mom and Jack! … and even Ofelia’s parents’ Matthew and Jenna!


Ben challenged Jack and Fred to a game of gnubb!


Ofelia is the most non-dramatic sim! :chuckle: Even though her summer-flirt, Seth, nearly choked on his piece of pie when Clara (Ofelia’s half-sister) explained that she had used two hands to scoop out the pumpkin pulp, and Seth’s brother Silas was staring right at her, Ofelia didn’t even flinch. Not exciting enough for Ofelia, I guess :dunno:


Yep. Definitely more Ofelia’s kind of activity! :chugga:


Jenny won, however! :clap:


I guess Jenny really felt on top of things after her win. She finally went inside to face her mom.


Luckily, there was still cookies left from the feast for Jenny!


The party was over, and Clara looked at the almost empty table. It had been a success! (And it was so sweet of Mia to stay a little longer to help out with the cleaning.)


Just as everyone was leaving, Porter showed up! He is Jasper’s best friend, and the boys had planned a sleep-over.


All the guests – except for Maya – had left now, and Clara was regretting all the dirty dishes! She fed Jonas, while Jenny played with Bubbles.


Jenny went to look out the window… No way, another surprise!!! It was snowing!!!!!!

(Tell me, dear Woods family, that this is the last surprise! :beg: )


Clara was so tired. It had been such a long day, but now Jonas was showing early signs of having inherited a certain mischievousness from his sister!

Right at that moment, Clara couldn’t believe she had once wanted to have ten little Jonases and Jennys! (I have proof!)


But ohhh… :sigh: Even though they don’t always behave how she wants them to, Clara loves her children!

…. Especially when they’re sleeping!


7 comments on “October with the Woods Family (pt2)
  1. Sandy says:

    Awwww, Jenny and Jasper are the cutest kids ever. I love how they both helped their parents to get the house ready for the feast (OK, on Clara’s invitation…). Jasper made me chuckling with his homework in pants! :D

    Ahah, I love Jenny’s way of helping, with a bit of scaring Jasper, a bit of playing Jonas, a pinch of whopee cushion… :chuckle: I’m also in awe how big organic families you have, at playing with the same Sims since the beginning! That’s really awesome!!! :sigh: That’s also the only possible way I see at “aging” Sims, but still playing on a decent schedule (like ours… :giggle: )
    Oooops, Clara didn’t seem to appreciate Jenny’s way of helping… :blush:
    Ooooh, mischevious, mischevious little Jenny! :chuckle:

    Ben won the reward of the Husband of the Year, right? He so deserves it! :sigh: Awww, how adorable that they don’t even notice the first guests!!! :chuckle:

    Aww, poor Silas being sooo ignored! (:lol: @ “old people and children”!)
    Jenny rocks the world in her winter outfit!! :pinkcheer:
    Ahaha, Ofelia looked indeed so bored. :chuckle: Poor girl!
    Awww, Selma wants a boyfriend!!! :sigh: Maybe next year in Uni, young girl! :nod:

    YEAH for Jenny and the apple-grabbing!!!
    Awww, sweet (mischevious) little girl! That hug with Clara is so darn cute. :sigh: Seriously. :heartpump:
    And sharing some leftovers with Grand-pa, that’s just adorable! The feast has been a real success! I love how it looks realistic, with all kind of ages and activities. AAAAAAAAw, I love your big families. :sigh: (what? Have I said it already? :blum: )

    SNOW!!!!!!! Yeah!!! It’s really winter now! (huh… are we in winter? Or in Denmark? :chuckle: )
    Ahah, I love Clara’s exasperated face. That was a fun day, but indeed quite busy, huh!
    10 kids. :heybaby: I’m all for it! :pinkcheer: :pinkcheer:

    • Sara says:

      :giggle: I love to think that Clara has a schedule with everyone’s jobs, and she makes sure they do them! Meanwhile, she takes the opportunity to finally be alone :chuckle:
      Remember my plan with making the family trees? I think I have to resort to one of those online places, because it’s so intricate. Even though it took me ages, it was SO worth recreating all my sims for Sims 3! I couldn’t NOT see them aging… well… It will take them ages to age, but still! :pardon:

      :chuckle: Jenny really has a mind of her own – no one tells her what to do… Okay, they try, but she might not like it! (I’m thinking she might get the hot-headed trait when she grows up in a million years).

      Oh gosh, Ofelia was sooo bored (until the apple bobbing!)! She really doesn’t care about boys at all!

      :blush: Yeees, it’s Winter! It’s almost over in my game, though, I just need to catch up with the updates now :chuckle:

      :roll: Clara might get 10 grandkids, but she isn’t have any more herself! That’s FINAL! :giggle:

      Thank you for your comment, Sandy darling :giveheart:

      • Sandy says:

        A hot-headed teen Jenny!!!!! :sigh: I hope I’ll live long enough to see that! :chuckle:
        Oh dear, I can’t even imagine how intricate must be your family trees! I love that so much in your game, how everyone is cousin or aunt, or adopted by the baby-sitter… That reminds, actually, your way of decorating, you know, that so living happy mess. :nod:
        :heart: :heart: :heart:

        (oh, no risky woohoo? :waiting: No more Woods? :cry: )

  2. Kim(mi) says:

    MORE WOODS! (You lied to Sandy! :O )

    I like how Clara just delegates some work to her family. Good for you Clara, you shouldn’t have to do everything yourself. :)

    The picture of Celia and Jenny looks good above her bed like that :)

    Ah, see, Jenny has the same skill at taking charge her mother has! Hahaha, and, yes, the postponing trait her aunt has! ;)
    Uh oh, now she pissed off mum (could there be hormones at play there…?) :thinking:
    Wow, Jenny, you really are a mischievous one! (I love it)

    Ben is a GREAT husband, so loving and supportive! (Although, yes, imagine Jenny as a teen… :scared: )

    Awww, Silas’ look at Ofelia… And she pays no attention to him… :sigh:

    Hahahaha :rofl: @ Jenny’s outerwear! Silly girl!

    Poor Selma, waiting for prince charming… I have some nice boys her age, maybe an exchange on the horizon? ;) I mean, Finn is single again… ;)

    Ofi is our cool girl! I love Miss Inappropriate!

    Aww, Jenny, good for you, you made up with mum!

    Yay for a sleepover!

    Jenny playing with bubbles is adorable…


    Uh oh, Jonas is like his sister… Trouble!

    At least Jasper is a good kid, going to sleep immediately, even while having a sleepover!

    • Sara says:

      :lol: I think what Sandy meant was related to more Woods babies!! THAT I won’t give you, but I can’t get enough of this family (ehhh, only in their numbers!) :giggle:

      :lol: Yes, Jenny does take after her mum with her bossy ways!! No, no hormones ( …. :shock: ), that’s just hot-headed Clara for you :chuckle:

      I wonder if Ben will be able to continue to divert Clara’s attention once the kids grows older… Just think of all the trouble they can make!! (I can’t wait :lol: )

      Yeah, wasn’t it so cute how he looked at her? I really don’t understand him, though! She’s obviously not interested (in anything!) :pardon:

      :giggle: I just couldn’t resist giving Jenny that bright pink dino-suit…. it was too perfect :tearyeyes:

      :heyhey: Selma should book a trip to Honeycomb Valley!!

      Yeah, Jasper is a good boy :nod: He played with Porter for a little while, and then they both went to bed :pardon: I’m not sure those two will turn into troublemakers :thinking:

      THANK YOU for your comment, Kimmi!! :grouphug:

  3. Lea says:

    Sorry,I had no time to comment the other things! :sorry:
    Awww,Jonas is such a heart-breaker! :heartpump: :chuckle: at Jsper in Pants as well.
    Cute piture,Jens! :girldance:
    The kids are so lovely helping their parents! :tearyeyes: (Mostly Jasper though… :chuckle: )
    Poor Jaz,being terrorized by his sister! :toofunny:
    Jenny’s look at her mum is hilarious!!! :rofl:
    Ohh,I see Trouble coming too… :scared:
    Again,Ben’s “happy wife,happy life!” :lol:
    Aw,Silas,I think you have to look for another Girl! :nod:
    :toofunny: I love Jens outerwear!Raawwr!!! :pinkcheer:
    Poot Selma,I think she has to visit Kim’s game too :whistle:
    Gnubb!Ready to loose guys? :mwaha:
    :rofl: at Seth!Ofi is really cool :heyhey:
    Dino power!! :hi5:
    That’s really nice Mia!! :giveheart:
    Hi grandpad!!! :wave3:
    Have a nice VIP-Party Boys!And Hands away from the web!! :punish:
    Bubbles is a cute cat! :heart: Heeere,kittie-kittie,heeeere!
    Snow!! :joy:
    Jonas is so heart melting!!! :heartpump: :heartpump:
    Thaks for sharing your sims with me! :grouphug2: :kiss:

  4. Sara says:

    :giggle: Yeah, the kids are “mostly” good at helping out! Jenny can certainly make some trouble – she is dressed for trouble in that pink dino suit, right? :chuckle: :angel:
    Selma definitely needs to meet some nice young guys :nod: And I think you are right about Silas… :roll:

    Aaaw, thank you for your comment, Lea :hugs:

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