(SimOctober): A quiet month

With Maria, Anthony and Blake

Anthony and Blake have been alone the last couple of months, while Maria have been on tour with her one-woman band.

Anthony and Blake like to walk the dogs to school together in the morning.

After dropping Blake off, Anthony headed to the bus station, where Maria had just arrived. She had missed Bruce so much!!!

…Okay, she also missed Anthony :giggle:  

Maria has decided to start offering private music lessons so she has more of a steady income now that she’s also taking care of Blake.

Silas was her first student! They first discussed Silas’ expectations over hotdogs :giggle:

… And ended the lesson with a jam session :headbang:

Anthony’s Birthday dinner

Anthony was turning 40!! (And thus aging up to adult). He had invited his friends and family over for a pizza dinner.

Blake‘s birthday was also this month (she turned 9), so she was also celebrated. She had invited Remy.

It was a great opportunity for Anthony to get to know Maria’s parents :thumbs:  

Maria’s dad, Joshua, was preoccupied with the playstation :lol:

The party was great!

:giggle: A great picture of how different Blake and Vincent are! 

(Erica was of course also invited, but she never showed up. I’m sure it was because she wasn’t feeling so great because of the pregnancy :hugs: )

B I R T H D A Y   T I M E !!

C A K E  T I M E !!

Anthony had the most perfect birthday celebration :heart:  

It was late, and some sims went home, and Blake was put to bed :)

Some sims kept the party going quite late!

Maria got to know Lisa over drinks.

These Hayes brothers (William and Joshua) had different ways of partying :chuckle:  

With Sophia

Sophia is still quite upset about the break with Milo :(  

She even tried to get a rebound from her ex, Nick, who wasn’t into it!

…..at first :heybaby:

Although he did run home afterwards :thinking:  

Around Bimlico

Eric and Willa‘s daughter, Rio, is now a toddler :sigh: :heartpump:  

Erica met up with her sister Shannon at the laundromat :roll:  

The new Asian-themed restaurant in the University area was popular, although maybe a bit cold, it seems :hmm:  

Here’s Anthony and Gabriel having a bite. In their outerwear.

And of course Ofelia was there with Selma. Also in their outerwear.


A quiet morning with the Laurents…. :sigh:

Marcel worked in the garden before the daycare opened.

Moon heading off to school :wave3:


That’s it for this month in Bimlico :wave:

Birthdays this October

Amar turned 49

Clara turned 44

Anthony turned 40

Malene turned 39

Milo turned 25 

Lucia turned 24

Lilian turned 22

Porter turned 11

Blake turned 9

Carl and Chase turned 1

3 comments on “(SimOctober): A quiet month
  1. Sandy says:

    So, me again. When I said I would catch up, I meant it! :giggle:

    “One-woman band”! :lol: Go, Maria, go!!! You rock, girl!!
    Awwww, I’m sure she missed Bruce deadly!! More than Anthony? :thinking:
    Geez, I have to hide that Maria give keyboard lessons from my Simmies! My poor Sims have to suffer the most terrible piano teacher, old fashioned, old lady…! :chuckle:

    Aww, what a fabulous party! :dance
    The playstation is greatly successful!:D
    It’s indeed clear that Blake and Vincent have different interests! I love that the game can give real personalities, and that are pretty coherent (they’re truly not coherent in Sims 4).
    Happy birthday, Anthony!!! Aw, dear, what an awesome man! :sigh:

    :hugs: for Sophia!
    Nick running away! :lmao: Aww, sorry, I shoulnd’t laugh! (but I can, because I know she will be happy without Nick, and without Milo! :p )

    Indeed, it seems the Asian restaurant, though it looks great, might need some heating! :chuckle:

    Aww, I love how life seems to be peaceful and happy at the Laurent’s. :heartpump:
    Gardening… a pretty colorful bike for Moon…. That’s happy life! :sigh:


    • Sara says:

      :spit: Hahaha, maybe don’t tell your sims that not all piano teachers are grumpy, old ladies!

      :headbang: Yeahh, this party rocked!! They were chatting to each other, playing games, dancing, eating :clap: Sooooo unlike the uni New Year’s party :facepalm:

      The parsonalities in Sims 3 is the best part, right? (okay, also open world and… and…) They are really like little characters that you can “wow, that’s so typical of her to do that!” :sigh: :heartpump:

      “Happy life” is indeed what signifies the Laurent family :sigh: I love spending time with those hippies :chuckle: (SimSandy is their neighbour, you know :nod: )

      Thank you for all your lovely comments, my dear :giveheart:

  2. Sandy says:

    I’m not done yet! ;)
    I had a comment blocked last time that stopped me in my trip, but I hadn’t given up. :P

    It’s great to read from your Sims and to read you! :heart:

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