SimOctober+November: Autumn in Bimlico

Welcome back to Bimlico :wave3:


Let’s kick off this story with a major event: The first birth in Bimlico!!!! :chugga: :pinkcheer: :chugga: :pinkcheer:

With Olivia and Ryan

Olivia was at home when she felt it: The baby was coming!!! Where was Ryan…?


:scared: There was no time! Olivia gave birth there and then :nod: :thumbs: Say hello to little Carl Stanton :wave3: :tearyeyes:

Olivia called her husband: Honey, come home. The baby’s here. I need to tell you something.


Olivia really had something to tell Ryan. She had in fact given birth to twins :shock:

I couldn’t believe it! My first ever birth in Bimlico, and it’s TWINS?! I was so surprised and confused so I named both children Carl :lol: :facepalm:   I was very confused to see TWO baby pictures in the panel, and it took me several moments to actually FIND the other baby. Which was the real Carl?! :scared:
It seems that the multiple-birth ‘curse’ I cast on all my fellow simmers has completely backfired. This is only the second birth I ever experience in the Sims 3, and the first one was also twins…
Well, here they are: Carl and Chase Stanton!


Olivia had to sit down for a moment. Was Dr. Hannah becoming too old? Why hadn’t she told her that she was having boyS, and not just ‘a boy’?


Ryan came home and was slightly perplexed… Uhm… honey, what’s happening?!


They quickly got over the shock, and both were so happy to be parents!! We have one each!!! :joy:


Carl is wearing brown, and Chase is wearing blue …I think :thinking:

Carl is Good and Easily impressed, Chase is Perceptive and a Heavy sleeper.


A couple of days later, Olivia and Ryan invited their friends and family over to meet the babies.

Olivia baked cookies, while Ryan took care of the boys.


Poppy and aunt Rachel were the first to show up :wave:


:shock:  Poppy, don’t you dare!!

Soon the house was full of guests, and many sims had brought food.


Mike wanted to talk to Olivia all the time, and had so many questions about the babies. Alice seemed a little nervous… She knows how much Mike wants to have children, but she’s nowhere near ready for that yet!


The party went great, although no one really paid much attention to the babies :lol:


And just like most parties in Bimlico, these things happened:



With the teens

During the weekend, Daria (dressed as a scuba diver) got the idea to throw a costume/halloween party at the countryside camp ground!


Daria has a secret crush on Billy, whom she’s become good friends with since he moved to Bimlico.

Billy came dressed up as a burglar, and in the background is MollyDaria‘s sister, dressed as… a tiger, I guess :lol:


Hotdog-Silas was dancing with his old crush, Ofelia (who, to my surprise, came dressed as a princess?!). Another surprise was this hug between Silas and Molly  :brow:


Daria jealously watched Billy dance with Marcie. But she quickly interrupted them to challenge them to some apple bobbing …which Miles (dressed as a knight) won!


Daria and Billy went to have a drink, but that stupid Camille (of course dressed as a hot mermaid :roll: ) was dancing right in front of Billy! :sigh2:


Meanwhile, Silas was doing his best to impress Molly. She was in a mischievous mood, and challenged him to eat cinnamon.


She also challenged Etienne… To kiss Marcie! It went preeetty well :heat:


Maybe she felt inspired by Etienne‘s success…


Molly usually rolls wishes involving Seth, but this night, she definitely had the hots for Silas, so when she was given a kissing-dare back, I let her try and kiss him. He didn’t mind at all :heyhey:

It was getting pretty late, so the party ended. (I think Miles and Marcie snuck out to go to the party. They ran home! )


Even though it started raining, Etienne stayed and helped Daria clean up. Maybe he also wanted to talk to her about his kiss with Marcie :giggle:


Daria was feeling a little bit sad. Other sims had had the nerve to kiss their crush, but she had just been awkward around Billy  :( Thankfully, she had her loyal friend Winston to cheer her up!


Gosh, this party was so boring! It was fun to see what costumes the teens would show up in, but they all seemed to be super bored and kept yawning. I guess it was because it was late at night? Most of the time, they just danced alone, and no one really interacted with each other. I had Molly change that :cheeky: When they went home, they all told Daria that the party had been amazing :facepalm:

With Nick and Ava

Things are still up and down between Nick and Ava :dunno:

Story19-26 Story19-27

With Marcie and Etienne

After their kiss at the costume party, Marcie had invited Etienne on a date. They met up at the underground diner, where they had a lovely meal (poor Daria looks a bit jealous, doesn’t she?).


After that, the went for a walk to the canal park :heart:


Needless to say, it was a great date :heart:

With Oscar and Madeleine

Oscar is a great dad!


But he was driving Madeleine crazy. She was trying to work among all Oscar‘s mess, and then he turned on the TV? :mad:


They started fighting, and got really angry with each other! Oscar accused Madeleine of working too much, and Madeleine accused Oscar of being unambitious :shock: … Let’s get out of there!!


With Maria and Olivia

Maria couldn’t come to the baby party, so she visited Olivia and the twins one day.

Maria really doesn’t like babies :no:


Maria really wanted to talk to Olivia about breaking up her band with Eli, the Batmen, but… hellooooo, Earth to Olivia?! She was so unattentive, Maria couldn’t believe it! :giggle:


With Anthony

Anthony is such a brave fireman :flirty:  … Gabriel’s house was on fire!!!


But of course, Anthony managed it, and was the hero of the day!

Gabriel went back to cuddling with Stella :chuckle:


With Maria and Blake

Maria and Blake spent an afternoon at the Princess Salon getting new clothes for BlakeMaria was even convinced to have her hair cut :clap:

Story19-37 Story19-38 Story19-39

:confetti: :confetti:   :confetti:

Birthdays in October:

Carl & Chase :yahoo:

Blake turned 8

Porter turned 10

Lilian turned 21

Lucia turned 23

Malene turned 38

Anthony turned 39

Clara turned 43

Birthdays in November:

Ofelia turned 18

Amy turned 20

Ava turned 23

Alice turned 25

Ron turned 30

Mike L turned 39

Prof. Charles turned 62

4 comments on “SimOctober+November: Autumn in Bimlico
  1. Batsheba says:

    Two, as it looked, fun parties! Congrats on the twins :P I’ve never tried those dare things, are they random? I think the cosmos was good, at least not everyone was hotdogs :giggle: but what was Marcie?

    • Sara says:

      Hey Bats :friends:

      :thinking: I don’t understand the “rules” to twins… I do have a pregnancy mod where the chance of twins can be set. I think mine’s at 3 or 5%, and STILL I got twins… I checked Olivia’s pregnancy via the app, and it always said “1 boy” :dunno:

      Yeah, I really liked the costumes, it was so much fun to see what everyone would show up in! Although some wore some pretty crazy hats, which I chose to remove. :hmm: I think Marcie was a sort of astronaut or maybe an old school scuba diver?! I think she came wearing a big helmet og sorts :chuckle:

      Thank you for reading and for your comment :kiss:

  2. Tedhi says:

    Lol Ryan hitting the bottles while his wife is ….GIVING BIRTH !!!! :scared: Gaaah gaah. :scared: INCOMING BABY!!!! Wait, What is that puddle ? Did her water broke ? Can sim have their water break ? Did you mean that ? Why am I totally obsessed with water breaking all over the place ? I mean she is giving biiiirth… ! :scared: I think am freaking out even more than Olivia!! Waaah !

    TWINS !! :lol: BWAHAHAHahahaha ! :toofunny: LOOOOOL :rofl: …… :tearyeyes: err I mean congratulations !! Aw Jenny’s mom should have waited the Sims 3 for her last (latest to date :whistle: ) pregnancy. See Clara, that’s how you have twins, if you had waited for the Sims 3 now there could have been lil’ twin-Jennies :girldance: :girldance: …plus Jonas of course…. Oh wait that would mean = triplets :cheeky: !!

    Oh Lol I first thought the kids’ names were CAR and Chase :chuckle:

    Lol Poppy almost barfed ?…. and then stuffed her face with cookies ! Totally my kind-of-sims ^^

    Aw the teens are all so adorable in their costumes. :grouphug2: Lol good idea to skip the breather thingie in the scuba diving costume, Daria :thumbs: Always a good idea to have your mouth ‘available’ but ..awww no kiss …awwww. Here have a hug instead :hugs: !

    :sigh: Anthony the fireman *le swoon* :giveheart: Aaaaah, love when he flexes his muscle….. I mean raises a victorious punch ^^ … Now, he should also get a new shirtless uniform, I heard it’s even more effective to extinguish fire… :thinking: …orr was it to ignite it ? :heat:

    Oooh Princess Salon is so princessy. :pinkcheer: I’ll have to show it to my nieces ! That DIY vanity, with the mirror framed by the curtains is adorable !! :heartpump:
    Aw I wouldn’t have thought it was a place where to find Maria, but it actually suits her very much and so does that super new hairdo !! :headbang:

    • Sara says:

      :spit: Tedhi, my darling, you always crack me up!!! :toofunny:

      Uhmmm, yes, her water broke :thinking: It must be some mod I have, possibly the Pregnancy controller, but I didn’t really care for it :nahh:

      :pardon: What can I say, I kind of deserved those twins, right? :giggle: Hey, hey, HEY, don’t go giving Clara A-N-Y ideas now!!I can’t imagine if Jonas – theNOT planned for baby!! – had been triplets :scared: :scared: :scared: Although… Jonas, Joan, Joel… Could’ve been fun :giggle:

      :spit: OMG, I never even thought of that, but yeahhh, Car(l) and Chase… :facepalm:

      The teens were so cute in their costumes, but yeahhh, some of them wore…. questionable headgear :hmm:

      :heyhey: I switched to Maria and Anthony’s household, and I found him all uniform-y like that :flirty:
      Ohh no, Maria was NOT comfortable at the Princess Salon :no: But it’s where Blake wanted to go (really, it’s the only place in Bimlico to buy children’s clothes :thinking: ). I guess there is even a princess inside Maria ;)

      Thank you so much for your comment, Tedhi :hugs: :grouphug2: :hugs:

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