September Stories (pt1)

With Maria & Bruce

Autumn had really arrived in Bimlico, and Maria was feeling it kick in! She decided to change into something warmer, but ugghhh that crappy old drawer!!! What a way to start the day :mad:


Bruce always puts a smile on Maria’s face! Bruce saves the day!


But when Maria left the apartment building to take Bruce out for a walk to see band mate Eli, she felt like something was different…. What were those boxes doing right outside the front door?


Maria and Bruce both eyed the huge van driving past them on the street. Hmm! Weird! :dunno:


When they were close to Eli’s house, Bruce couldn’t wait any longer and ran towards the house! Maria briefly said hi to her mom who was rushing to work on her bike! (Some of us have jobs, you know!!)


Maria was greeted by Jane, Eli’s wife. Eli was still sleeping…
Maria doesn’t wait for no one! So she started playing the drums, much to everyone’s astonishment!! :shock: What would Eli say??


But Eli was super cool about it, which left his family really confused! Jane couldn’t figure out why it was okay for Maria to use the drums, but not okay for her!? And Amy… Amy was just sad about having to do her homework!


We’ll get back to Maria later….


With Amy

Later that evening, Amy had dinner before she rushed downtown to meet Ofelia.


Sorry Silas! It looks like Ofelia had expected to see Amy, and instead you entered….. :pardon:   (and what an entrance!! :facepalm: )


Ofelia being Ofelia, she managed to upset Amy :facepalm: So Amy decided to go say hi to Silas, who was a little hesitant to join Amy’s enthusiastic shaka-bra (girls are weird, Silas, you better get used to it! :giggle: ).


Ofelia apologised to Amy, who of course forgave her right away, and soon the three teens were chatting away. But Amy kept being the centre of attention, and Ofelia and Silas found themselves unable to look at each other at the same time :dunno:


But Silas is easy to make happy, apparently! He felt like his talk with the girls went really well!


Amy left for the gym (maybe on purpose to leave the other two alone?), but we can only guess what happened between Silas and Ofelia… :scratch:  Well, if your guess is that Ofi started practicing martial arts, you’re probably right :chuckle:



With Maria and Bruce

When she returned from the visit at Eli’s, Maria saw that all the boxes were gone from outside her building and so she started wondering if she hand’t been completely awake earlier that day. Maybe she was seeing things? :scratch:
She didn’t notice anything new in the entrance hall either… But she did glance an extra time at the downstairs apartment door…


Ah well, it was probably nothing! Maria had lunch, Bruce had a nap, and then that day was like any other day.


Belly rubs… Practicing music…


Bruce needed another belly rub :nod: … and to really re-energize, Maria took a long nap.


When she woke up from her nap, Maria put on some music and made herself her favourite meal: peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches! She didn’t even notice Bruce who clearly heard something out in the hall….


Bruce ran down the stairs and briefly studied this “intruder”, only to make a huge grin! :angel:


Maria was pretty annoyed to be interrupted by Bruce in the middle of her sandwich, but then she heard a knock on the door.
Wow, Bruce, I didn’t think I was going to say this, but… clever dog! :clap:


I’m Maria, who are you?


Oh hi, I’m your new neighbour, I thought I’d just say hi… I already met your dog…. I’m Anthony!


After chatting a bit, Maria really couldn’t wait to finish those sandwiches, so she invited Anthony to join. It turned out PBJ sandwiches are his favourite too!


Bruce was instantly regretting facilitating this meeting.


He eventually gave up on getting Maria’s attention :hugs:
Maria got along pretty well with Anthony, and even laughed at something he said! She then felt a little bit weird… She was pretty sure the bread she’d used for the sandwiches had been fresh :brow:


When they finished eating, Anthony said he’d clean up… Maria looked at him in disbelief, and had to escape to the balcony for a little while (to cool off? :heat: )


Well if that isn’t a beautiful sight! :sigh:


The mood suddenly changed and became a little awkward… (Even Bruce noticed :chuckle: )
Maria: So, uhh… it’s time for Bruce’s belly rub, so…
Anthony: Okay, yeah, sure, I’m pretty tired, so I’d better go. We all have work in the morning, right?
Maria: Uhhm… Suuure….


Anthony quickly said goodbye and went to his apartment downstairs.
And Bruce had his Belly rub.




9 comments on “September Stories (pt1)
  1. Kim(mi) says:

    Hahaha, like owner, like dog really applies to Bruce and Maria!

    (Do you know, the ‘her mom” link links to Jenna Parker instead of Mary Hayes?)

    Hahaha, Maria, you can’t just play drums in someone else’s house like that!

    Ummm… Silas, that must’ve hurt… I understand the look on Ofelia’s face…
    Oooo, Ofelia and Silas can’t look at each other, huh? Whatever will that mean…? :)

    My guess actually would be that she would start to practise martial arts haha! I know Ofi!

    Hmmm… Mysteriously disappearing boxes…
    Bruce’s expression when he’s about to nap is GOLD! I completely adore it!
    I so LOVE LOVE LOVE their apartment! :heart: It’s so fitting for them.

    Oh my my my; will you look at that “intruder”. I’m thinking the great Bimlico Creator had some fun there! :flirty:
    Hello there Anthony! Ahhh poor Brucy… Our simmies doggies don’t like sharing their masters… :(
    Anthony is quite a catch! Even if things got a bit awkward! :lol: at it being time for Bruce’s belly rub!

    • Sara says:

      :giggle: Maria and Bruce are a great “couple”! (I have updated the “mom”-link, thank you!!)
      I don’t know what will happen with Silas and Ofi, but I suspect… nothing :pardon:
      :blush: Oh yes, I had a lot of fun introducing this “intruder” :heyhey:

  2. Lea says:

    STOREYYYY!!!!! :joy:
    Silly dresser. :brow:
    Ohhh boxes!Boxes are so unusal! :cheeky:
    Ohhh a big van!Cars are so unusal!
    Oh Maria! :toofunny: Waking all up!
    Ahhhh!!Homework!!!! :scared:
    Typically Ofelia.
    Shaka-Bra! :headbang:
    Oh,Ofi,you improved us all with you skills again.Wow.I’m speechless. :brow:
    Silaaaas,what about visiting Sandy Valley? :flirty:
    A lovely afternoon!
    Jelly Sandwich!Hey,I heard a ring! :cheesy:
    Hello there,Anthony :heat:
    Aww,hugs for Bruce! :grouphug2:
    Aw,he’s so Handy!*melting on the floor* Ahem,I have to grab my melted skin together and cool down a bit….. :drool: …stop.Drooling.At.Him…………. :drool:

    • Sara says:

      Thank you for your funny comment, sweetie! :lol: Maria had quite a day, huh? I am sure Silas will go back to Sandy Valley, but I think the girl who had a crush on him there, already has a crush on someone new :heyhey:

  3. Lea says:

    Hehehe,we all know Lison can get a new crush pretty fast :chuckle:

  4. ani_ says:

    Bruce <3
    One cannot not love his face :D

    I lolled so hard at this "Well if that isn’t a beautiful sight! "

  5. Sandy says:

    Awww, I just love your playing style, Sara love. Starting with changing of clothing and having troubles with the drawer of the dresser, I can’t express how this makes me happy!!!! :D

    Maria has such a cool loft… :sigh:
    Ahaha, I love how they both look intrigued by all this agitation in the street!
    Bruce is my hero. Even when he runs, he cracks me up. :lol: Hello, Mary! :wave:

    :rofl: Jane!! Ahaha, girl, you’re killing me with your captions! Your Sims are screaming of expressivity!!! Look at that poor Amy, she looks so devasted to have to do her homework!!! Ahaha, dear!
    :spit: Silas!!! Aww, my boy, you’re out of luck!!! I laughed at Ofi’s expression when Silas showed up. Well… half-showed up… :rofl: Mwwwwwaahhaha!!! Ahaha, and he felt that his chat with the girls went well? :lol: I love that guy. That’s some positive attitude!!! (not that it really went wrong neither, but… well… :D)
    Aaawww, he’s too cute at taking a virtual picture of her when she turns her back! :giggle: I love that guy. I confirm. :nod:

    :spit: @ Bruce’s expression while he’s about to nap. This dog makes the BEST faces!!!
    I’m squeeing a bit at all these belly rubs!!!

    OOOOOOH!!! Good catch, Bruce!!! I’m with you with that big grin!! :heybaby: CLEVER dog, indeed!
    Aw, Anthony. A fireman as new neighbor!
    Awww, no, Bruuuuuuuuce!!! How this dog can make such cool faces all the time? He’s amazing. A rock-star, I tell you! He’s in need of belly rubs, poor thing!
    :rofl: @ Maria needing to cool off under the rain! and :toofunny: at the “beautiful sigh”. I feel like being in your head right now! :lol:

    Well, good-byyyyye, Anthony-the-fireman-who-does-the-washing-up… Come back at any time! :heybaby:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: thank you for your sweet comment, my dear!!

      Bruce is my hero too! He never fails to make neither Maria nor me smile :D

      Haha, I loved Ofi’s axpression at Silas too, it was priceless, so I had to use that picture even if the door was all in poor Silas’ face :giggle: He really has a very positive attitude indeed :giveheart:

      :heyhey: that WAS a very good catch by Bruce, huh? I’m sure Anthony wil come back (even if Bruce doesn’t approve) when he lives right downstairs AND Maria has PBJ sandwiches :cheesy: :cheesy:

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