September Stories (pt2)


With the Parker Sisters

At the Parker home, all the autumn rain had made a huge puddle right outside the Parker sister‘s front door.


It was very early in the morning, but the girls were up :shock: … Aha, they had (of course) been out last night! (They both had “entertained” and “juiced” moodlets :chuckle: )
Time for some breakfast, and then to bed!


The next morning, Lucia regretted last night’s party, while Sophia seemed to be in a better mood despite being slightly hungover (and despite the disgusting state of her room!)


Brushing her teeth helped Lucia to feel better, and she thought she’d study Stanley the Skeleton for a little while before class (Sophia says Stanley is Lucia’s boyfriend! :roll: )


Sophia, on the other hand, was in no rush to get ready for class. She had some cereal and made a post on her blog “Sophia’s World”… About her birthday! Which was today! :yahoo:


Sophia announced she would skip class today for two reasons: 1. It was her birthday! 2. It was Friday!!!
Lucia went to class any way! She couldn’t miss school?! Not even for her sister’s birthday! :no:

Sophia got ready for her big day, but when she realised what state the house was in, she thought she’d try and give her mom a call… Maybe she could be convinced to come and help out? :flirty:
… But no luck! Jenna told Sophia that she had a real job to do!


:sigh2: Sophia stood and thought for a moment… :thinking: Come on!! It was her birthday, the cleaning could wait until later :nod:


She decided to take her car (which was an early birthday present from her parents) downtown to give herself a birthday treat at the spa!


Sophia has been eyeing Sven at the Chinese Garden for a while, so after her mani-pedi she went to see him… and flirt a little :flirty:



Meanwhile, at home…
Lucia’s class finished, and she decided to study a little bit. She wondered where Sophia was… There was still laundry everywhere!



Sophia received a call from Lucia! Yeah, yeah, I’ll be home soon! I just need to do some shopping for the party :cheeky:


… and then some shopping for herself! :girldance: Although Lisa mainly has black and white pieces at her boutique, Sophia found the perfect pink dress!! :yahoo:



Meanwhile, at home…
Since Sophia was on her way, Lucia started cleaning and repairing. She’ll be here soon…. :thinking:



But Sophia seemed to have forgotten all about dirty bathrooms and laundry! She got a call from her cousin Julia inviting her over!
Etienne tried to make sense of the girly talk that was going on between his mom and Sophia… A mani-pedi? What on Earth is that??



Meanwhile, at home…
Lucia had finished cleaning, and Sophia still wasn’t home, so she studied for a bit :nerd:


When Sophia finally arrived home, she was stunned to see that the house had been cleaned!! Wow! Maybe her mom stopped by after work??
She turned on the stereo and started calling people to invite them to tonight’s party while completely ignoring that Lucia was trying to tell her something!
Once the phone calls were over, Lucia’s mood had changed (it was her sister’s birthday after all), so she congratulated her sister and gave her her present: delicious sushi – her favourite!!


The guests would arrive soon!!! Sophia hurried to the bathroom to change and get ready, and Lucia thought that would be the perfect time for her to use Sophia’s laptop to create an online dating profile, but she ended up downloading a virus instead! :facepalm:


Oh no! The first guests were arriving while Lucia was desperately trying to fix the laptop! Maybe that wasn’t the best first impression to give Poppy?


Lucia quickly hid the laptop in her room, locked the door, and explained to Poppy what happened, and somehow that resulted in the two girls fast becoming friends!


Erica was feeling a little out of place amongst these young students, but she had been convinced by Maria (Sophia and Lucia’s cousin) to come tonight…. but Maria was nowhere to be found!
Even though they were in a relationship for so long, Sophia and Nicholas are still close friends.
More and more guests were arriving which made it clear that the living room was not the ideal place for a kegger! :facepalm:


The kegger was promptly moved, and just in time for Adam to arrive!


Lucia and Adam are old friends, and together they have the strangest humour… a Rorschach test? Now??
The other guest enjoyed the delicious sushi Lucia had made!


Ava looked pretty upset… maybe because her boyfriend hadn’t even noticed her yet??


Sophia made a pretty good impression on Malcolm showing him a video she had posted on her blog earlier. She did her best to ignore the embarrassing keg stand her sister was doing behind her!


I think Nick was feeling left out. Adam is his best friend, and they always do the first keg stand together! Nick isn’t one to hold grudges, though, so he just asked Naima to help him (she’s pretty strong!!) :headbang:
Sophia was having second thoughts about Malcolm… He was clearly not a good (enough) dancer!


Maria had arrived, but maybe she had some plan for Erica to try and party on her own and talk to some new people, because she was hiding in the garden :chuckle:
Someone else was also hiding: Shannon needed a break, and took her drink to Sophia’s room.


The party was going great!! Everyone was having fun and dancing :girldance:


Eventually Maria decided to join the fun – with the most innocent smile! :giggle:


Lucia pulled herself together, and started talking to Malcolm, while Sophia told Nick that he was being rude to his girlfriend, and pushed him in Ava’s direction.
Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well for Lucia. She said something stupid that Malcolm misunderstood, and it became very awkward between them…


Shannon, not usually a big party-goer, was doing so well tonight! All she needed was a few meditation breaks :chuckle:


Nick had clearly been hitting the juice! Ava was having so much fun filming him talk to himself in the mirror! :giggle:


It was getting really late… or really early? :thinking:
Nick: You guys……….

More and more guests started to leave the party. Shannon was still going strong, and didn’t even notice her fatigued girlfriend!


Maria was on her way home too, and noticed that Max from the Metro Bar had come to see Sophia :heyhey:
That last keg stand had been too much for Shannon, who wanted to go home NOW! But she then noticed that Ava was using her meditation-technique, so that of course had to be discussed…


In the end, only Adam and Poppy were left, and when Sophia received a call telling her the police were on their way to shut down the party, she tried desperately to get their attention, and finally managed to kick them out.


The sisters congratulated each other on a successful party, and Sophia went to bed feeling great about her 24th birthday!
Lucia was just about to go pass out too (it was 6.30, after all!), but then she remembered……….

… the laptop!!!! :facepalm:



The Morning After

I don’t think anyone wants to see Lucia clean the house again, so let’s go see if they kept the party going over at the Student Residence (also, I needed to change the students into something warmer).

The chemistry between Adam and Poppy was undeniable!
They were both feeling pretty “juiced”, and Poppy decided to go for it! :shock:


She invited Adam to her room, and… let’s just end it there! :blush:


8 comments on “September Stories (pt2)
  1. Kim(mi) says:


    Their house looks gorgeous in the rain! (it always looks gorgeous, but also in the rain, haha)

    Oh, I can totally imagine how Sophia would say Stanley is lucia’s boyfriend. I also LOVE how he’s situated in front of the window! :giggle:

    Oh happy birthday Sophia! I would love to read your blog!

    No cleaning on your birthday Sophia, I agree!
    Her car is awesome!! I’m not much of a car person, but I love this one!

    Sophia and Sven would make a cute couple!

    I can’t wait to see this perfect pink dress!

    Awww, now Lucia has to clean after all… :( That’s no fair!

    Sushi in a giftbox!! Gotta be awesome!

    Oh no, a virus! On the computer where she also did her studying? What if she lost a thesis or something! :scared:

    Ah, the pink dress is gorgeous!

    Poor Ava, I think she feels out of place at parties.

    Yes Maria, get raking! Before you know it. it’s spring and the whole town is STILL covered in leaves… :roll:

    Awww. such a fun party, (almost)everyone is having fun!

    :lol: at Ava filming her boyfriend talking to himself in the mirror! Haha!

    Awww, poor Naima, crashing on the floor.

    Hahaha, Sophia trying to get Adam and Poppy’s attention is awesome!

    Oh dear, having to fix a laptop when you’re this exhausted is usually not a great plan…

    Wow there Poppy! You go for it, girl!

    GREAT GREAT story my dear, I LOVED it! It’s so much fun to read about your simmies!

    • Sara says:

      :clap: Thank you for your awesome marathon-comment, Kim!! :lol: I had so much fun reading it!!!

      Hehe, Sophia isn’t always that nice to Lucia (I mean, not even thanking her for cleaning up her mess?!), but Lucia is so tolerant!!
      :chuckle: I am pretty sure Lucia would never lose any studying – she is totally the kind of person who keeps backups of everything :nerd:

      :girldance: This party was really a success! I had so much fun! In the end, the guests kept dropping like flies, only to get up and keep partying :headbang:

      Yes, Poppy was really wild that morning! I was so surprised to see this “juiced makeout” :toofunny: They still haven’t developed any romantic feelings towards each other, so we’ll see where it goes :dunno:

  2. Lea says:

    Parteyyy at the Parker’s!!! :confetti2:
    Ahhh,good Lucis!Studying with hangover! :thumbs:
    Happy Shopping,Sofia!I’m exciting to see this dress! :girldance:
    Little flirt pause,huh?! :heybaby:
    Aww,poor Lucia!But anbody has to clean,right?On your birthday,Sophia will clean!I’ll make that sure. :mwaha:
    :lol: at Etienne!”Mani-Pedi?What the heck is that?!”
    Poppy looks so awesome. :wave:
    It’s getting kinda crowded in here! :scared: I’m going to rake with Maria! :chuckle:
    :toofunny: at Ava!Serves Nick right,didn’t notice her! :mad:
    All the drunk People on the floor :giggle:
    Poppy!You gotta get this Boy! :chugga:
    And the last is the best:
    HAPPY CRAPPY 24 YEARS OLD!!!Hop,hop,hop, a toast for Sophia! :cheers:
    Great Story,Sara,I love your simmies…..(and you :kiss2: )

    • Sara says:

      :girldance: Lucia would never consider not studying! :nerd:

      Yeah, the party was pretty crowded, so I was surprised it went so well :lol:

      Aaaw, thank you for you comment, my dear! :giveheart: )

  3. ani_ says:

    That was such an awesome party. Not at all like the lame ones my sims hold :cork:

  4. Sandy says:

    Awww, that house is so somptuous, Sara!!! I keep sighing at it with “awwwwwwwww” when I see it in my game too, and that picture with the Beetle (YAY, I suck at recognizing cars, but that one I know! :p) and the scooter, with night light and rain… that’s just pure perfection. :heart:
    Ahaha, I love that the keg-stand is hidden behind the plants during the day, that’s just an excellent idea! (another one I’ll steal you… :heybaby: )

    Sophia’s birthday!!! :confetti: Oooooh, yeaaaaaahahahaha! Aaah, that girl knows how to spend a good birthday indeed… Skipping classes, skipping housework, the spa and a flirt with Sven at the top of this! (well, I suspect we’re far from the “top” as the day is only beginning, and days are never ending with the Parker sisters, right? ;))
    Ahah, poor Lucia! All that cleaning-repairing and even studying!! I guess it’s like her present to Sophia? Oh wait, no, there’s more! Sushi!!!!
    Seriously, Sims can download a virus when they create a profile online? :chuckle: And I was thinking Armelle was unlucky with that! :D

    Hey Poppy!! :wave: Hey all the guests!!! Aaaaah, I love how the house is soon buzzling! :party: Let the party begin, folks!! :girldance:
    OMG, so many things happening there!!! :rubeyes: I’ll end up by writing a longer comment than your story if I begin to comment everything! :chuckle: But what a successful party! Hug for Ava for feeling a bit neglected by Nick (and a :chuckle: for the picture she takes of him when he began to talk to himself! :rofl: ) :lol: @ Sophia’s look on Malcom (and :thumbup: for that pretty pink dress!)
    :spit: @ Maria’s innocent smile when she gets in and Shannon’s meditation breaks! It seems to have worked super well! Poor Naima! :rofl:
    Mawhwhwhhhaha, I was already laughing at all these tiny dramas of the party, but Sophia’s panic expression at the end just killed me. :toofunny:
    It’s too cute how Poppy and Adam just don’t notice her!
    Aww, Lucia, you thought to the laptop!!! Good girl, good girl, GOOD GIRL! :friends:

    Awww, Poppy and Adam…. yeah, that was written all over their front. :heart:

    What a super amazing party and story it was, Sara love!!!! :grouphug2:

    (oh, and I was about to forget the essential: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA!!! :cork: )

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, I really like the house too, it feel “real” somehow :) (especially with the garbage and laundry everywhere, by courtesy of the Parker sisters :roll: ).

      :chuckle: I don’t think Lucia actually got a virus, that was just something I added to explain why Sophia’s computer exploded after she used it :giggle:

      Yes, the party was really successful and there were so many things happening!! Guests were dancing, drinking, eating, talking, having fun. I was so proud of my sims. No one peed on the floor :headbang:

      I was pretty surprised by Adam and Poppy, actually! I thought they would be a great couple, but nothing happened between them when I played the students. But at this party, they were very interested in each other, and when I switched to their household in the morning, Lucia did the “juiced makeout” :shock:

      Thank you so much for your comment, Sandy! :kiss:

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