SimSeptember: September Stories

With Eric and Willa

Autumn was beginning to settle in Bimlico. Eric and Willa made the most of the nice weather, and took Misha to SimSandy’s farm to harvest some vegetables.


They had a lovely afternoon! They harvested many vegetables…


Willa made friends with SimSandy, Eric met Jacob, and Misha played around with Winston :sigh:


Woods family camping trip

Ben had planned to take his oldest children on a camping trip.


Jenny was super excited, and went to change into some more camping appropriate clothes…


Clara gave Ben a huge kiss! She couldn’t wait to spend a whole day with nice and quiet.

But of course she would also miss her darling children.


And so, they were ready! Thankfully, Ben was able to fit all their stuff in his backpack (tents, fishing poles, you name it :thumbs: )


First stop was a visit to the Hayes farm, where Melanie let them pet the horses.


Jasper was only interested in their dog, Winston, but Jenny was a natural around Butter the horse.


When it started to get dark, they headed towards Simhenge, where they would set up their tents for the night.


Ben made a fire, and they ate the sandwiches Clara had made for them.


Before bedtime, Jasper told a ghost story.


During the night, the rain started pouring!


Jasper and Jenny got up early the next morning. It was still raining slightly, but the children didn’t mind at all! They played tag among the stones.


They also found a little red bird, which Jenny was quick to befriend! (She’s quite the natural with animals!)


Ben got up, and packed the camp back down, and they all raced down the hills towards the fishing pond.


They spent many hours there, fishing, throwing a ball, and eating fruit.


Later that afternoon, they walked back home, and Clara was happy to have her family back home!


Jenny told her mum all about their trip… and about the little red bird that she’d become such close friends with… and that she’d brought back home in her backpack….

Clara wasn’t too happy about it! She made Jenny promise to take very good care of the bird, clean its cage and feed it every day. Jenny was so happy!! She had always wanted a chipmunk, but a bird was so cool too!!! She named the bird Bear :hugs: hugs:


Maria and Eli return from their tour

After a disastrous tour, the whole trip back to Bimlico had been tense for the duo Maria and Eli. As soon as they returned to Bimlico, they started fighting.

Maria: I’m done with this! I’m kicking you out of the band.


Maria went to her parents house to pick up Boulette.


Bruce was surprised to see his daughter Boulette all grown up!


When Maria is feeling down, she can always count on her dogs to cheer her up.


Maria had been anxious about returning to Bimlico after three months away, where she had barely spoken to Anthony. She had really missed him, and wondered whether he’d missed her too?

The first thing she did when she went home, was to knock on his door. No one opened, so she tried calling him. No answer :(


With Eli

Eli had missed his wife Jane so much when he’d been away on tour! Maybe that’s what made him so grumpy? ( :nahh: )

He didn’t even notice that the house had changed since Amy moved out….


Eli told Jane all about the tour, and how Maria had kicked him out of the band. Jane was very understanding, but made it clear that Eli would need a real job, because they were pretty much out of money. So that’s how Eli ending up as Bimlico’s new music teacher at the elementary school :)


With Maria

Maria went across the street to see Ron and tell him about what had happened with Eli and the band. But things over there were going much more downhill than they were for Maria  :shock:


Maria might Dislike Children, but she was very angry with Ron and Alicia for letting their daughter live in such filthy circumstances!


Maria wouldn’t allow Blake to keep living there, and asked her to pack her things. Alicia put up a fight (quite literally), but in the end they all agreed that Blake deserved better conditions. Like a bed.


For now, Blake would stay with Maria until they found a better solution. She would stay in the little spare room Maria had (It doesn’t have any windows. I think I was supposed to use it as a walk-in closet :dunno: )

Maria: This will only happen this one time… Let’s have a hug!


Boulette took an instant liking to Blake, and protected her all night :heart:


The next morning, Blake was really happy! She lived with dogs now, and Maria even let her walk Bruce to school :yahoo:


While Blake was at school, Maria went to the Ping-pong café to play for tips (some sims found her music better than others :giggle: )


Later that afternoon, Maria waited for Blake to get out of class.


They were going to visit Blake‘s uncle Eric, but when they got there, Maria asked Blake to play outside on the trampoline while the adults talked.


Maria explained that Blake could no longer live with her parents, and suggested that she move in with Eric and Willa since they were her closest family.

However, Maria didn’t receive the answer she expected. Eric explained that they didn’t have money to provide for Blake, because… well, they were expecting a baby! :shock: (Whenever I visit Eric and Willa, I let them woohoo risky, and we all know how that goes!).


Eric and Willa had been Maria‘s only option. Blake would have to live with her for an indefinite time :pardon:

A few days went by, at it was going pretty well for Maria and Blake… Most of the time!


Maria went to play at the Scottish pub one evening. She was joined by her cousin Oscar – she had no idea he was that good at playing! Well… not as good as her, obviously.


It went really well :clap:


One morning, Maria and Blake were having breakfast when Anthony suddenly entered the apartment :wave3:

Both girls ran to greet him, although Maria was a little nervous (How had he been while they’d been apart? Was he going to break up with her?)


Blake went to put pranks all over the bathroom ( :grumpy: ), which gave the adults some privacy.


Anthony was a bit confused. When Maria left to go on tour, she had told him that she never wanted to have children, and now she had one living with her?!

Anthony: I don’t always understand you, but I know that I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?

(She said yes, of course :heartpump: :clap: )


Later that evening, Anthony invited the girls to have pizza at his apartment to celebrate that Blake had moved in.




Birthdays this month


Lucas turned 3

Molly turned 15

Joseph turned 16

Malcolm turned 21

Sophia turned 24

Olivia turned 30

Mike R turned 31

Lisa turned 47

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  1. Batsheba says:

    YAY :pinkcheer: Maria and Anthony! And good for Blake :) maybe Maria can see that not everything with kids are bad ;)

    • Sara says:

      It HAD to happen between Maria and Anthony, right?? :heartpump: I think you’re totally right: Maria will see that having a kid around isn’t all that bad (she can help with the dogs ;) )
      Thanks for reading, sweetheart! :friends:

  2. Lilidebergerac says:

    Awwww! This whole update is so cute :heartpump:
    The pictures of the camping trip are gorgeous! That light! :sigh: I love autumn :heart:
    And I’m so happy for Blake! Finally a real home! You go girl! And Maria is actually a sweetheart :lol:

    • Sara says:

      Hi Lili! :grouphug: Thank you so much!
      I love autumn too, and thought it was the perfect excuse for a camping trip :)
      :clap: Blake really needed a real home, right? Her own bedroom! :yahoo: (well… her own walk-in-closet :lol: )

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