(SimSeptember): Moving on…

With Adam, Poppy, Milo and Selma

Ever since all that drama happened with the uni-sims, it has been pretty tense at Adam, Poppy and Milo’s place.

Adam was so disappointed in Milo for hooking up with Adam’s best friend Nick’s girlfriend, and he couldn’t see how they could stay both friends and roommates.

Milo had to move out :(

Over at the student residence, Selma found herself in a similar situation. It was not easy sharing a house with your ex-boyfriend. Especially not when that ex was someone as hot-headed as Ryder.

Selma didn’t know what to do!! :cry:

She decided to escape the bad vibes, and pay Poppy a visit.

Of course, Poppy was ready with a shoulder to cry on and a solution to Selma’s problem: Now that Milo was moving out of the canal house, how about Selma move in? :joy:

So that was settled. Milo moved downtown, where he’d found a cool apartment.

… And a cool (and pretty hot!) neighbour!

It was a more emotional process for Selma. She was very sad to not get to live with Amy any more.

But then again, the new house is literally just down the street :giggle:

Selma and Poppy were so excited!! They would have so much fun living together, and they could cook together, and share clothes, and watch movies :clap:

(Amy very quickly became bored with the girly talk).

Selma went and took a look at her new room. Whoa! The room was so big! And that view over the canal!! :heartpump:


While the girls unpacked, Poppy went downstairs and made some grilled cheese for everyone – it was a time of celebration!!

A little while later, there was a knock on the door. Ofelia had come to celebrate with her best friends!

Okay, I have to throw this in here. While I was waiting for Ofelia to arrive, some other besties met up; Daria and Etienne. I love how sims, who are friends, wave at each other when they meet on the street :heart:

Ofelia went straight upstairs to see Selma’s room!

GIRL PARTY!  :girldance:

When poor Adam came home later after a long shift at the clinic, he found his home full of girls.

Loud girls!!! (Maybe he’s already regretting agreeing to let Selma move in??)

He tried finding some peace for reading some medical journals he brought home from work, but the girls must have interpreted this as him wanting to hang out with them.

When they put on a romantic movie, Adam had enough!!!

…or did he? :thinking:

Selma’s first night in the new house had been amazing, and she thanked her friends for coming :hugs:

Poppy was definitely not used to being around so many girls, and she went (almost) straight to bed!

Selma went and enjoyed her new room.

Some more Selma

… but you know Selma! Things don’t always stay peachy for very long! The break-up, the move, being away from her dream prince Matteo from Isla Paradiso was so hard.

So she decided to stay busy by cleaning the whole house!

While Poppy meditated :chuckle:

(I’m pretty sure that Adam won’t mind living with Selma – a fellow neat-freak – after all ;) )

Ofelia was having a breakfast ice cream cone ( :hmm: ) with her father just next door.

Selma was meeting up with her over at the Ping-Pong Café, where there seemed to be a regular Parker-family meet-up going on!

Poor Ryder was there as well, but quickly left again!

I checked back home to see how Poppy was spending her time.

:brow: Uhhh, I think we’ll just leave her there….

New students at university

The student residence always has to stay full! There were two rooms available on both the ladies’ and the dudes’ floor, so say hello to the new students :wave3:

One of the new students is Ravi Ashra, a sim I used to have in my Sims 2 game. I missed him, so I decided he would come to Bimlico to study.

Amy had also missed him :hugs: They used to be good friends in Sims 2 :)

Welcome to:

  • Ravi Ashra (22), who will study Business Economics and take classes in Culinary Arts. Ravi dreams of opening his own pizzeria one day.
  • Riley Page (19), who will study Literature.
  • Natalia Flores (19), who will study Psychology.
  • Kendra Higa (19), who will study Communication.

The newcomers have already settled in to their new rooms – go check out the Student Residence :clap:

Naturally, these new arrivals called for a party at the student residence :headbang: :girldance:

I guess the party was wild for some sims… Malcolm, perhaps not completely sober the next morning, decided to have breakfast au natural :lol:

Birthdays this month:

Lisa turned 48
Mike R turned 32
Olivia turned 31
Sophia turned 25
Malcolm turned 22
Joseph turned 17
Molly turned 16
Lucas turned 4

2 comments on “(SimSeptember): Moving on…
  1. Sandy says:

    (This comment has been refused 3 times by your site, telling me I had already posted it, so I had to stop commenting for a while, I thought maybe it began to consider me as a spammer or what… :chuckle: Anyway, I saved it, and so here I am again! :chugga: )

    Guess who?! :giggle: :wave:

    Your students!! :grouphug2:

    Ah, yes, I realized my mistake about Ophelia dating with an older guy when I saw Selma at the New Year Party. She’s the one I was thinking to!
    Poor girl! :bearhug: I’m sure she’ll have great time with Poppy!
    Ahaha, Amy!!! :friends: She’s still very herself! :chuckle:
    :lol: Adam’s face coming back home is priceless! :rofl: Ahah, and all the girls sitting around him when he tries to read!!!

    Oh wait, what? A dream prince in Isla Paradiso! :popcorn: It seems I still have a lot to catch up! :heybaby: I hope you don’t mind! :D

    I have a student named Ravi as well! :highfive:

    aahha, yes, the party might have been a bit wild, considering Malcom!… but Poppy opted for that option before any wild party… :pardon:

    See you previous summer! (in Isla Paradiso maybe? :heybaby: )


    • Sara says:

      BAD WordPress! Don’t refuse Sandy’s comments :mad:

      I’m so sorry for replying this late! How active I am here reaaally goes up and down :blush:

      :chuckle: I just loved everything that happened at Selma’s “welcome party” with all the girls and poor, poor Adam, who was just stuck in the middle :toofunny:

      :hi5: for the Ravis!!

      Ahh, this was back when my students had fun when I threw them parties :sigh: (Okay, I am still mad at them for having such a lame New Year!)

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