(SimMarch+April+May): Spring stories pt1

I feel like all my updates starts with a picture of the water, but when I found Matthew and Alan out on the water in each their sail boat, I couldn’t resist :chuckle:


Spring was really making it’s entry! Although it was still quite cold in Bimlico, Spring was in the air!

This spring, you can spend some time around Bimlico with various sims, meet Bimlico’s newest resident, attend a birthday and the Maypole Festival, take a boat trip and hang with the skaters at Bimlico’s brand new Skate Park!


With Madeleine

After the divorce, Madeleine had gotten herself an apartment downtown. Dividing her and Oscar’s things between them had been difficult. Unpacking them made Madeleine even more sad about the state of her life.




With Oscar

Oscar had also decided to get a new place. He didn’t want to stay in the house he used to share with Madeleine (his move didn’t have anything to do with the routing errors in the old, tiny house :no: ).

:wave: Bye, bye, old house!


:wave3: Hello new house!


:hi5:  Oscar (and Lucas and Maisy!) is now renting a bungalow right by the beach. I think they will be very happy here.


Oscar was feeling really sad about the divorce. He always knew that he and Madeleine were very different, but he never thought that it would come to this :(

Oscar is lucky to have such great sisters! Today, little sister Ava came to see him – and to lend a shoulder to cry on  :hugs:


I think Oscar has one of the best views in Bimlico :sigh: Of course, he wanted to take advantage of being so close to the beach, so he took Lucas there to play and to enjoy the sunset :heartpump:


With Lilian

I was checking in on the university students, and found Amy and Ryder playing football outside the university :clap:

Malcolm was reading a book nearby (he’s such a good student :angel: ).


Usually, I let the “non-Bimlicoian” university students live their own life, but Lilian kept getting wishes for protesting, and I was curious to see how it worked! We decided to protest SCIENCE (?!) right outside City Hall :headbang:


It took quite a while for sims to show up, but there ended up being quite a few sims. Someone even started a fight?! I don’t even remember who any more, but it was weird!!

Of course Lilian initially set up her protest in a small room inside City Hall, instead of on the big square right in front of it :facepalm:
Some sims also chose rather… interesting places to display their participation :brow:


Okay, I found the protest pretty lame, but at the end, the remaining sims suddenly had balloons that they released into the air!!! :shock: I had never seen that before – it was awesome!!! But… WHY did they do that?! :thinking:

(Also, Rachel apparently decided to suddenly start protesting yetis :pardon: )


:clap: :clap: :clap: LOOK AT IT!!



With Daria, Silas and Etienne

AKA The Nerd Club

Sometimes Daria, Silas and Etienne meet at Ti’s Comics after hours. Ti lets them use his room upstairs for comic book club meetings, but tonight, the trio hung out at the secret roof terrace!


Daria had to clear the air with Silas, and came clean to him about kissing his twin, SethSilas was cool about it.

They spent the evening playing ludo (I’m pretty sure Daria let Silas win), stargazing and reading :)


With Eric and Willa

Rain or sun, Eric and Willa always have clothes drying outside :giggle:


:tearyeyes:  Willa is so big now!


It is clear that Eric is super excited to become a father! He so often wants to talk to the baby bump :tearyeyes:


He’s just such a sweetheart! :heart:


Eric had a surprise for Willa. Like some kind of a miracle, he had built a shed in the backyard for her sculpting things, so the spare bedroom could be turned into a nursery. Willa loved it!


They decided to grab some late dinner at the (new!) Falafal Garden right across the street.



Okay, we were all just waiting for the moment: When would Willa pop?! She was due any time now :waiting:


Even Misha seemed extra focused on Willa!


When Eric woke up the next morning, it was a beautiful day! But where was Willa?!


Ahh, she was just cooking them a pancake breakfast…


… but Willa only got to eat one pancake (blasphemy!!): IT WAS TIME!!!! :yahoo:


It’s a girl!! :confetti: Meet little Rio :confetti:

Rio is Brave and Friendly.

(Uhhm, yes, that is Bimlico’s paediatrician/midwife, Dr. Hannah, in the background. I guess she was late for the birth? :chuckle: )


Eric was just ecstatic!


After they recovered from the birth, and got used to their new status as parents, life in the little home went on. Eric did some gardening, and Willa did some sculpting. Misha also got a job: watching over little Rio :heart:



Continue to page 2 to read about James’ birthday and the Maypole Festival


Birthdays in March


Portia turned 6

Dylan turned 32

Jacob turned 33

Jane turned 49

Joshua + Jenna turned 52

Samantha turned 61

7 comments on “(SimMarch+April+May): Spring stories pt1
  1. batsheba says:

    :pinkcheer: Congrats to Eric and Willa! Rio, OS inspiration?, is a cutie!

    Never seen the balloon thingy either…. never bothered with the protests, I hate to see them stepping up practicing though… everywhere.

    The divorce I’ve must have missed, better check back. There new living accommodations look awesome! And so does the Falafel place, new lot tours? :flirty:

    • Sara says:

      :thinking: I can’t remember where I got the name Rio from, but not from the Olympics… that’s sport, right?? :chuckle:

      Ohh, the balloon thing was awesome! The protest… not so much! So buggy and stupid!

      Yeah, the divorce happened last update :sigh2: Poor little Lucas! … although now he gets to live right by the beach! :clap:

      I am planning on a few lot tours, yes :flirty: :kiss: :hugs:

  2. MissyHissy says:

    I’m actually going to be awesome and remember to comment this time!
    I hope Oscar and Madeline can come to be happy :heart:
    Love that protest! Including the twits inside the wedding shop :chuckle: And the balloons are great, I love it when that happens!
    Congratulations to Willa and Eric! Rio’s a cutie! :heartpump:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Hey Missy!! You *are* awesome no matter what ;)

      Aww, yes, I hope Oscar and Madeleine can find happiness again. Although, I think Madeleine is in love with her job :hmm:

      :facepalm: OMG, sims can be such idiots! … Or maybe they just didn’t want to display their engagement in the protest very publicly? :lol:

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