(SimMarch+April+May): Spring stories pt3




With Dylan, Erica and Vincent

Dylan and Vincent have been boating and fishing together, and decided to invite Erica along. They would go out on the boat all day, and them put up tents on the beach and spend the night :clap:

They all started with breakfast at Dylan‘s.


While Dylan cleaned up, and packed the tents, Vincent played with the parrot, Nemo, and Erica watched some veeeery romantic TV.


They were ready to go, but Dylan had a present for Erica first.


He knew Erica would wear her obligatory high heeled boots, but those were not compatible with the day they had in store, so he bought her new ones – in leopard print, of course!


Off to the water!!


They had such a lovely day on the water. They went swimming, snorkeling, and fished for hours!



Even Erica tried her hand at fishing :lol:


Can someone explain to me why on earth sims don’t chat when out on the boat?? The animations are lovely, but all they do is sit there :(

They sailed all the way to a remote and deserted beach, where they would set up camp for the night.

Erica sunbathed, while the boys played frisbee.


They were having such a good time!


Dylan set up the tents, and preparedsome hotdogs for dinner.


As the sun was setting, they took the boat out one last time :sigh:


Of course, they had to roast some marshmallows.


Then it was Vincent‘s bedtime.


Erica and Dylan shared a bottle of nectar by the fire.


At the Maypole festival, Erica FINALLY rolled the wish to kiss Dylan (he has wanted to kiss Erica for a long time), and I squeed out loud! I was hoping that they would both roll the wish on this trip, so I turned on Romance in StoryProgression for them :heybaby:

…. :yahoo: They spent HOURS flirting, complimenting each other, hugging, and laughing :tearyeyes:


They also star gazed :heartpump:

( :shock: I was surprised that they actually chose a good spot for this – I expected them to sit where they could look directly into a rock, like sims usually do :chuckle: )


It was all so romantic, and then, finally, they shared a kiss (without my interference at all!!) :yahoo: :yahoo:


Once that kiss was out of the way, it was all about the woohoo :heybaby: :giggle:


The next morning, Vincent and Dylan both got up early.


Erica, who had slept in the tent with Vincent, got up a bit later than the boys. She had a bit of a panic attack!


She was quite awkward that morning :giggle:


They sailed back, and Dylan followed them all the way home.


Vincent went inside to do his homework (nerd :chuckle: ), and the adults chatted outside.

Dylan confessed that he had been in love with Erica for years, and that he was so happy about what had happened between them. Erica was so thrilled, and so in love! :heartpump: :tearyeyes: :heartpump:



Bimlico’s Skate Park

I had this large lot in the Young Canal area, right across form the high school, but never could figure out what to do with it. When Sandy released her awesome edit of the hover boards from Into The Future, I decided to get the EP, and to build a skate park for Bimlico :nerd:


Mayor Nate threw a party for the grand opening of the park, and anyone interested was invited :girldance:

Lilian and Miles were in charge of decorations :lol:


Mayor Nate was super excited about the event, and tried desperately to convince the very negative Lindsay of the pure awesomeness going on!


The place was soon bustling with sims having fun!


Nate gave a very inspirational speech!


And of course Maria performed a concert to really get the party started :lol:


Check out all the sims partying!!


Bimlico’s “skaters” stayed until the very end. They are: Adam and Tiberius, Seth, Billy and Daria.


Bye bye for now :wave3:


Birthdays in May


Henry turned 10

Selma turned 20

Madeleine turned 32

Ryan turned 32

Lindsay turned 47

Chris turned 57

5 comments on “(SimMarch+April+May): Spring stories pt3
  1. batsheba says:

    That was one very romantic trip :heartpump: I’m so happy for Dylan, he is so worth it, and Ericas as well :nod:

    The skatepark is fabulous! And what a turn up! Seems like Lindsey is rather alone with her feelings :giggle:

    Great update sweetie :kiss2:

    • Sara says:

      :sigh: Yes, wasn’t it romantic? I have been rooting for these two forever, so when Erica finally “woke up”, I was so happy! :joy:

      :giggle: Yes, I think Lindsay is the only sim who doesn’t approve of the skate park, but then again, I am not sure she really approves of anything :dunno:

      Thank you so much for always reading, Bats :kiss2: You’re the best!

  2. MissyHissy says:

    What a lovely, romantic trip that turned out to be! And how exciting for Dylan and Erica! :confetti2:
    Your skate park looks wonderful! :heartpump:

    • Sara says:

      :sigh: So romantic! :heartpump: I was so happy!! :tearyeyes:

      Thank you – it was so much fun building that skatepark. Totally unlike anything else I’ve made :)

      Thank you so much for your comments, Awsome-Missy! :giveheart:

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