Summer in the Sleepy Town Pt. 1

It is Summer in Bimlico and most of the sims are away on holidays.

(Really, most of the sims haven’t really moved in yet, because their houses remain embarrassingly undecorated :giggle: )

This week I am house sitting for my parents who live in a small town, and this atmosphere of a “sleepy town” is exactly what we’re experiencing here.

It’s so quiet, no cars, no one in the super market. It’s pretty nice! :sigh:

Let’s get started on this first ever SimSaraBim non-story!


At the Hippie Village


Ava went to visit her neighbour, Carmela…. and all her cats!


Ava is very passionate about the environment and started a discussion about organic gardening.


Carmela is truly a crazy cat lady! There are cats everywhere!


Carmela had to wait in line for the toilet :toofunny:


Blanche and Leonardo were playing in the kitchen.



Ava was determined to meet all her new neighbours, but when she stood in front of Mr. Holloway‘s trailer, she hesitated.

She had heard that he was an grumpy old man who wanted to be left alone!


She gathered her courage, and rang the bell!


At first, Mr. Holloway was a little unsure of why he’d invited this girl to watch TV with him, but he found it okay.


And then this happened… :lol:

The beginning of a new friendship?

Adam explores Bimlico


Adam Robinson went to the university to sign up for next term’s courses in Medicine.


He then hung out in the deserted quad playing hacky-sack :chuckle:

Next stop was the Lemon-Lite Bistro, which just had  its members of staff exchanged! :giggle:


Better!! :nod:


Adam ordered a drink from the awesome bartender, SimDee!


He caught SimLemon outside and they got along really well :)


The next morning, he visited the Pet & Book Stores where Willa and Eric were having a blast :lol:


Over at the Metro Bar, Oscar was playing a romantic song for his wife, Madeleine, who had a day off! ( :shock: )

Carmela‘s cat Michelangelo enjoyed the performance as well :giggle:




Carmela was skating in the park.


 At Jenba’s book storeAdam enjoyed a coffee and the view of the Chinese Garden.

(Ooops, seems he took your spot, Sandy :P )


Willa was enjoying a book outside, but wasn’t without her Eric for long :sigh: :heartpump:


At closing-time, Jen decided to read a book outside.

And another sleepy summer day in Bimlico was coming to an end.



18 comments on “Summer in the Sleepy Town Pt. 1
  1. Sandy says:

    :clap: :confetti2: YEAHHHH!!!! A first non-story!!! Oh, Happy Day!!! :cheers:

    Aww, Ava!!! :friends: She’s so adorable! And Carmela with all her cats! I laughed at the line for the toilets!!! :rofl: That’s too hilarious!
    :rubeyes: Wow, Mr Holloway adopted pretty quickly the Hippie way of life, it seems! :lol: All peace and love, really? So, where’s this grumpy asocial guy you talked us about? :nah: :chuckle:

    :toofunny: Indeed, the Lemon-Lite bistrot looks much better once Missy found the perfect candidates to run the place!

    :wave: @ Willa and Eric! :friends: I love that picture of their kiss in front of the bookshop. :sigh:

    ADAM! :punish: That’s MY place there! Doh. A luck you’re too cute to be punished too hard.

    • Sara says:

      :yahoo: It is exciting for me too with this first real non-story!!

      :chuckle: I laughed so hard at the “line for the toilet”! Especially how Carmela is just like “oh yeah, this is everyday stuff!”

      I don’t know what happened to Mr. Holloway either! We’ll see how it goes when everyone returns from their holidays :P


  2. Kim(mi) says:

    :confetti2: A NON-STORY!!!!!! :pinkcheer:
    Oh Carmela! I can understand why you and Ava didn’t match, but I love your tackiness! I think Carmen will visit soon! ;)
    Awww Ava and Mr. Holloway! Hippie friendship! :friends: I actually had NO idea Sims gave peace signs! Is it a trait thingy?

    I can’t get over how much I love your university! It has this real academic feel to it! How did you get Adam to carry the backpack?
    :giggle: I loved that sudden staff change! Better indeed!!

    Eric and Willa!!! :wave: I love these two! And I love how they’re always together. :sigh: Young love… ;)

    :giggle: I actually understand Adam taking that spot! When it’s free, who wouldn’t, right?

    That sunset…. :sigh:

    PART TWO!!! :popcorn:

    • Sara says:

      Hmm, I’m not sure about the peace sign! Maybe it’s tied to eco-friendly? Ava just did this. And then two seconds later, Mr. Holloway actually did it back :facepalm: He’s been hypnotized!! Or maybe he found the buzzberry field :thinking:

      I think you can either click on the backpack and direct sims to carry it, or it has to be in their… ehh.. in their “other backpack”? :giggle: It looks pretty cool!

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    :lol: backpack in backpack! I shall try this!

  4. missyhissy says:

    The peace sign is if they “graduated” from the School of Peace and Love :D
    First non-story of Blimlico! :confetti2:
    Crazy cat lady! :heartpump:
    Willa and Eric are just too cute :heart:

    • Sara says:

      :shock: Missy, you solved the mystery of Mr. Holloway!! THAT is why he’s so nice to everyone – he went to the school of Peace & Love!!!! :rubeyes:

  5. webbyMom says:

    :sigh: What a lovely town you have, my dear! I really approve of the bistro replacement workers! :thumbs: :giggle:

  6. Batsheba says:

    Finally made it….. Been meaning to check out your little place ;) love what I’ve seen so far, and read, your hippie village is awesome!

  7. Lea says:

    Awwwww your sims are soo romantic :sigh:
    I like this “sleepy Town”-theme.It’s like my home!
    And i like your smiles!!! :D

  8. Tedhi says:

    Aww I love that close up on the cat’s castle with Ava in the background. :heart: The ‘castle’ looks so much fun. :chugga: I don’t think I have ever used it… :thinking: …..By using it I mean the sims in my game using it …. I don’t mean Sim-me using it but sim-cats using it…. though that would be cool to be able to use it…..I mean Simselves…who are not simcats .. err ….. :hmm: ………gaah, :shout: I’ve gotten myself all confused again….. :sigh:

    Oooh the glimpse of the university! :clap: It looks so cool! I love that huge fountain where Adam is playing with the footbag :sigh: It made me remember my student days :sigh: ….I would either be juggling in the park or playing cards in class……eerrr I mean studying in the park and studying in class of course :whistle: …(ooohh bad bad BEAR! :punish: !! )

    :wave3: SimDee and SimLemon
    Willa and Eric are d’aaaawww soooo cuuuuute :heart: :heart: !!
    :wave3: SimJen!!

    Aw Mr. Holloway and Ava’s Peace Greeting totally melt my heart (which is made of chocolate so it was like a chocolate fondue . Yum! ) They are so adorable :hugs: to both :heart:

    :lol: @ the busy toilets.. So many users and only one place to go :giggle: . In Simself-Valley, I had that one simself that kept hanging out in the toilet and it was SimSamkat. :giggle:….who is a cat… :hmm: …Hey!! So she can use the castle thingie! Ooooh that’s it, I wanna be a SimCat too! ….Cats can eat cookies right?….and Crêpes?…..with Nutella? And chocolate Bear? :hugs:

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: You are too funny, Tedhi! :hmm: But I actually know what you mean! I would love to be able to play in that castle :chuckle: Ohhh, if only we were little kids again, huh? :thinking: I bet Fafa could almost fit in there!!

      Thank you for the nice words asbout the University! It took me such a long time to build (you know I like tiiiiny builds!). And of course, I know that you were studying, studying, studying when you were a student :nod: (But… Juggling? :popcorn: )

      Oooh, yum, your chocolate fondue heart :heartpump: *omnomnom*

      :lol: You would make a great SimCat! :hmm: But I’m not so sure about the chocolate :thinking: It’s poisonous for dogs, but what about cats? Oh well, this is Sims, I bet cats can eat whatever they want! :yahoo:

  9. Your Hippie Village is beautiful but wow, all of those cats! I love that they seem to have free reign and can be found everywhere!! Ava seems really nice though and I like that she wanted to meet her neighbors! Aw she even made friends with Mr. Holloway contrary to what she had heard <3

    Your university looks great! Good luck Andrew :) Oh I wonder who could be working in the Lemon-Lite Bistro :lol: ! It looks lovely :) It has a proper pub look to it!

    Lol! Those cats get everywhere! Nice to Oscar to serenade his wife :sigh:

    Bimlico is beautiful <3 You did such a wonderful job with it! I enjoyed meeting some of your sims :)

    • Sara says:

      Carmela’s place is true cat mayhem!! Ava still seemed to like it, though :chuckle:

      Thank you for the comment about the bistro!! That makes me happy that you think it looks like a pub :grouphug2:

      You are so sweet! :kiss2:

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