Summer in the Sleepy Town Pt. 2

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The Students Settle In

Adam finally ended his solitude at the student residence, and met his two new roomies!

They went to have lunch at the university food stands.


This Malcolm Harrison (no bio yet), who chose to buy some food from Xaluna (Nathan’s simself!) :wave:

Malcolm is a Business major student, and he has some family in Bimlico!

Mia is his aunt, and Seth and Silas his cousins!


Here’s Poppy (made by mission-simpossible) who had a pre-lunch snack :giggle:


She had a nice chat with Willa :)


Adam chose to eat his food in the shade, and was joned by Eric.


Mr. Holloway had apparently heard about the nice ice-cream at the university, and he didn’t mind sharing his bench!

Maybe he’s not such a grumpy old man after all?


Poppy was pretty popular with her two male roomies ;)


Back home at the student residence (which is a make-over of MacTheCat’s dorm), Malcolm invited his family over (they live in an apartment right behind the student residence)

Little-sister Marcie had a game of foosball, while dad Ethan read a book.

Little-brother Miles was hiding somewhere :dunno:


It was great to see the family, but they were sent home again, so the three roomies could go check out the new night club, the Andromeda (built by Martine)!


Sandy‘s Seraphin Diquet is the bouncer here…

He’s new to the job :giggle:


SimMartine is the bartender!


Seraphin must have been bored guarding the entrance, so he went to hang out with everyone else…

Poppy has never met a bouncer like Seraphin before! :toofunny:


Malcolm chatted with Martine while Poppy and Adam danced :girldance:


This is typical Sims, right?

They are leaving the night club, one chooses to stream a video, another to give a business presentation (with his back towards everyone, none the less), and Poppy is just sneezing :chuckle:


Sorry for the very dark pictures!

Even though it was very late, none of the three new friends were ready to go home just yet,

so they visited the PingPong Coffee House!

They were all to eager to go inside!


Emily St. James (made by Tito!) was so excited to see some customers, despite the hour!

Malcolm challenged Poppy to a game of juice-pong!


All that dancing had exhausted Adam, so he had a coffee.



I guess Poppy won! :giggle:


Malcolm had a muffin, and Poppy needed a coffee too.

She was beginning to feel very tired…


So it was soon time to go home (across the street) for some sleep.


Adam was happy to have had such an awesome day with his new friends!

At the park

Around the same time as the students went to bed,

the Wang/Lewis Family was having a picnic breakfast at the Central Park.



That’s the shortest story ever, huh?

Well, you can see how they spent the rest of their day over at Skyborough Community Lot ;)



We end this non-story over at Carmela‘s, where her cats Rose and Leonardo had three kittens!


It’s kitty mayhem!!!

The game gave the kittens these names: Duchess, Hatbox, and Gumbo.

Couldn’t have chosen three more different names :lol:

Look at how much bigger Gumbo looks than his sisters!!


Carmela called Ava right away, because they had agreed that she should adopt one of the kittens!

For some reason, Carmela thought this was an event worthy of her formal wear :nod:


Ava was thrilled!


She chose Gumbo!


And finally, Ava got a little kitten!!

19 comments on “Summer in the Sleepy Town Pt. 2
  1. Sandy says:

    OK, Mr Holloway is a fake grumpy. :giggle: How cute that he accepted to share his bench with half of the students in town! :sigh:

    Aww, Poppy!!!! :heart: She looks like a real darling! No surpring that she gets so popular with her roomies! :heybaby: ( :hi5: for using Mac’s residence too! :D)

    :toofunny: @ Séraphin. Aw, dear. That’s a fierce bouncer! :chuckle:
    That bar is so awesome! :party:

    Aww, Poppy sneezing! I love this girl more and more. :heart:

    Oh, EMILY!!!!! :clap: :clap: How awesome: I love her!! I had downloaded her too, but hadn’t chosen where to use her yet! (Sa-Sa-Ki! :pardon: But I might not use her, then, that would be too weird! :lol: )

    Aww, it seems your students had a lot of fun! They’ll be a fun bunch to follow! :friends:

    OMG!!!! All these kittens!!! :rofl: Aww, they’re so cute! BUT so many cats! That’s nice from Carmela to have given one to ava! Awwww!!!!! :sigh: :heart:

    What a lovely summer it is! :heartpump:

    • Sara says:

      I don’t know what’s up with this Holloway dude!! :dunno: Maybe he got his hands on some buzzberry?!

      Poppy is so cute! We’ll see what happens as more students start classes ;)

      Séraphin was SO fierce!! He took his job soooo seriously – right until everyone was inside and he seemed to think “what am I doing out here? There’s no one here!” and went inside :giggle:

      Ohh, you should definitely use Emily! She’s fantastic!!

      I was pretty overwhelmed with all these kittens! SEVEN cats!! Now, just six… :facepalm:

  2. Ani says:

    Your none story was great :) it’s so nise to see your hood in action. Now im off to read the hood tour posts :)

  3. Kim(mi) says:

    Yay, how great to meet some students!! Poppy seems like a real darling :heart:

    It’s so typically Willa to start chatting with her immediately! :sigh:

    I like Mr. Holloway more each time we meet him! He actually seems like a friendly old man instead of a grumpy one! :)

    How cool that Malcolm had his family over at the student residence!

    :wave: Seraphin! I’d never thought he would take his bouncer job so seriously, but for a moment there I thought I was wrong! :O Thankfully he lives up to my expectations when he goes to have a drink instead! :cheers:

    Oh I love their actions when leaving the club! Typical sim behaviour makes my day! (Well, sometimes it pisses me off, but often it makes my day ;) )

    :lol: at Emily! She definitely looks very excited to have some customers!

    What a great night out for the students!

    Awww, and a morning picnic, what a lovely summer plan!

    OMG KITTENS!!!AWWWWW, I want one! Can Carmela send me one? And Carmela’s formal wear! :heart: How lovely tacki this is again! Oh, I love her more every second!

    Hmmm, I must have been wrong before, Ava and Carmela must have clicked better than I thought they did! It’s nice Ava got a kitten. And yes, necessary… Carmela definitely has too many!

    LOVED this lazy summer non-story, Sara-love :heartpump: !

    • Sara says:

      Maybe Mr. Holloway is closet-friendly? He hasn’t showed his grumpy side yet! :dunno:

      :giggle: I love Séraphin! I’m glad he doesn’t take the job too seriously – although I wouldn’t be too happy to see my teens at the bar!

      The breakfast picnic was all the Wang/Lewis family’s idea! I found Lisa there, and thought it was sad she was there alone, but then I spotted Mike and Remy on their way to join her :sigh: See, that’s good sim behaviour!! Giving lectures outside the night club with your back towards everyone is silly sim behaviour :lol:

      OH YES, you can certainly have a kitten!! There are too many here!!

      Ava and Carmela have a weird relationship, indeed. I can’t really figure out what they think of each other :giggle: They have good conversations, but then Carmela thinks “Ava is being boring” all of a sudden :pardon:

      :grouphug2: Thank you, Kim!!

  4. Kate says:

    A story! :girldance: The FIRST story! :confetti2:
    I love calm stories like this! :sigh:
    Oh, really, it seems that “hippie” atmosphere affects Mr. Holloway, indeed! :lol: EVEN sharing HIS bench? :rubeyes:
    Lemon – Lite Bistro is SOOO cute! I love those supposed-to-be-old buildings!
    :sigh: Oscar playing for his Madeleine! Awww… But, wait, where’s Max and Sophie? I don’t see them in the Metro Bar :hmm: Do they have a day off too? :brow:
    UL kiss! :heart: And beautiful Willa with her Eric :kiss:
    :chuckle: Seraphin the bouncer! :kiss:
    I love Poppy too! And I love your PingPong Coffee House! It’s such a great place for Emily and all of your students!
    KITTENS! :pinkcheer: OMG Gumbo is TOO cute! He seems to be such a fragile little thing in Ava’s hands! :heartpump:

    • Sara says:

      I know!! Mr. Holloway was so nice to everyone. Okay, he didn’t talk to anyone at all, but he still sat there and enjoyed his book. Missy solved the mystery: He went to the School of Peace & Love :lol:

      :blush: I think I took these pictures at the Metro Bar just after I installed University Life, and with that install, all the Late Night bars had to be deleted and replaced or they glitch!! :mad: So that’s why it’s so empty there :(

      :chuckle: I was so happy that Gumbo was the first kitten Ava interacted with, because he is so cute!! I loved how he was so huge compared to his sisters! It’s actually exactly the same as my dog, Charlie :toofunny: He was so big and fluffy compared to his sisters when he was a puppy :sigh:

  5. Laurabcn says:

    :clap: Yay for new and first non-story! :chugga:
    :lol: I loved aaall of it! Your sims are so cute and funny. :heart: I loved following them around. And if your town feels like this when it’s sleepy, then I can’t imagine what will it be like when it’s full of sims! Your sims families did so many things already!

    And I can’t leave without saying….


    Okay, okay, I’ll stop. :cheeky: :chuckle:

  6. Batsheba says:

    I need to get a crazy cat lady so I can have a place to look at fuzzy furballs of cuteness in my game too :nod:

    • Sara says:

      :chuckle: Carmela is a blast! When I visit her, the atmosphere is always crazy with cats EVERYWHERE, but Carmela is happy :giggle: … even if that means she has to wait for it to be her turn to use the bathroom :toofunny:

  7. Tedhi says:

    wave3: Xaluna

    D’aw Mr Holloway is a doll :sigh: … and totally a hidden hippie……I’m almost expecting flowers to start sprouting here and there in his hair :giverose: ;)

    :lol: Seraphin Diquet is so much fun (oooooh Diquet like in Bernadette and Timothée Diquet ? ), and Emily St James is the coolest sim ever :sigh: She has the most awesome tattoos :heart:

    :wave3: SimMartine !

    Oh, I love the PingPong Coffee House -…Gaaaaah almost wrote Cookie House :facepalm: …it’s like a sickness, if I don’t mention/see/sniff/eat cookies ten times a day, I get all …errrr… :thinking: ….errrr…… :hmm: …….. :brow: …….hungry :pardon:

    I adore that Doberman painting :heartpump: :thumbs:

    :lol: @ the shortest story ever.

    Kitty Mayhem ! How Sweeeeeeet! Carmela is adorable in her formal wear, how cute of her to dress in her sunday best for ….errr…the whatever-is-the-occasion. :giggle:
    Aww Gumbo has the most adorable kitty face ever :tearyeyes: My Chocolate Heart is meeeelting again ! (Yum! )

  8. Lea says:

    Ummm,I guess I’m wee bit late,huh?! :D
    I looooove ,looove and… :thinking: ….LOOOOOVE Bimlico!! :heartpump: :sigh: :girldance:
    What a nice day your students have!!Is Poppy downloadable? :flirty: I wanna make a sister of her called Cara(do you know Cara and Poppy Delivigne?It-girls,ya know :cheesy: )
    KITTIIIIIIIIESSSSS!!!!! :heart: Leonardo is just sweeeeeet!! :tearyeyes:

    • Sara says:

      :hugs: Lea! Better late than never :D Thank you for stopping by! And thank you for your kind words about Bimlico!
      If you go to Poppy’s page, there’s a link for where to download her ;) What a great idea to make her a sister!! I don’t know those it-girls, but I will google them…… ( :waiting: ) wow, they look very glamorous!!

  9. Lea says:

    Ohh thank you!! :hugs:
    Hehe,glamourus,huh? :P I can’t understand why Cara is so famous?!Only because her (ugly) eyebrows!! :facepalm: :brow: <–Love that smiley too! :chuckle:

  10. Wow your university grounds are pretty! I really like the open areas and different stands :) Aaw Mr Holloway! I’m starting to really like him! Perhaps he likes company after all..just in small doses :)

    Poppy is so pretty, I can see why she’s popular :heybaby:!!

    I love how you’ve furnished the dorm :) It looks very cozy but lived in :)

    Martine’s nightclub doesn’t disappoint (I love her buildings :sigh:) they look like they had a great time :) Lol Seraphin!!

    Seems like the right way to leave a nightclub to me :D Maybe not the business presentation…

    Emily!!! Your coffee house looks so warm and inviting :) I’m glad they had a great night out!

    *waves to the Wang-Lewis family*

    I’m not sure whether to be excited about more kittens or not :chuckle:

    Lovely update :)

    • Sara says:

      :lol: I don’t know what it is with Mr. Holloway!! He is always where the young people are!

      Hahaha, NOW Carmela’s place is cat… what is worse than mayhem? Cats everywhere!!!! :toofunny:

      Thank you for your comment, my dear! :giveheart:

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