(SimDec+Jan+Feb): Winter stories pt1


Winter in Bimlico means lots of snow (apparently…)!

The month of SimDecember brought traditions like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, while the beginning of year 3 (!!!) in Bimlico introduced some new ones :) … and some big surprises!


Christmas with the Reed-Morin family

It was Christmas morning, it was snowing, and the whole family woke up and had a lovely pancake breakfast. Perfect! :clap: :drool:

Camille couldn’t keep her eyes off Billy :flirty:


She received a phone call from Silas, who wanted to ask how Molly, Camille’s BFF, felt about that kiss they had shared at the costume party :popcorn:

Camille told Billy all about the call (“I bet they’ll be going steady soon” :giggle: )


She then got ready for the guests to arrive for the Christmas dinner :giveheart:


Many guests! So many sims!!

James’ sister, Penny, and her family came to celebrate, as well as Julia’s older sister Maya and her family. Also Julia’s parents and little sister, Ava, was there :heat:


An extra table had been set up so everyone could sit down and eat.


Cute girls; cousins Justine and Portia :sigh:



It was a lovely evening (and it went surprisingly well considering the number of sims!)



Camille was still very interested in Billy  :flirty:


When most guests had left, she went with him to his room, and looked deep into his eyes. She had spent so much time gussying up and making sure she looked her best. How could he resist her??


Well… He couldn’t!


:pinkcheer: Finally!!! Camille was so happy! Finally!!! :pinkcheer:

Before she went to bed, she of course HAD to text Molly and let her know OMG B kissed me in his room best kiss ever he’s so dreamy I love him we will get married one day and be happy ever after squeeeee!!!!!!!



New Year’s Eve

The university students had decided to throw a New Year’s eve party at the student residence.

Marly and Selma were in charge of decorations and food. They set the tables in the dining room, and lit candles, and Selma made sushi.

All the guests arrived in time to have dinner.


Ryder was in charge of drinks :cool:


Let’s get this party started!! :chugga:

These uni students are great at throwing parties!  There was lots of drinking, lots of dancing…. Can you believe it? It only happened ONCE that a sim got out a book and started to read :shock: ONCE! :shock: (it was Marly (not so :shock: ))



There was something going on between Malcolm and Lucia. They spent a lot of the evening together :popcorn: Of course, this is Lucia, so it didn’t always go so well :roll:


Marly isn’t so comfortable with parties, but she drank to get courage, and acted pretty crazy with Milo (I think she had one of those drinks that changes the sim’s traits for a while? :dunno:   )


At midnight, Selma and Ryder kissed passionately, but Lilian rejected Amy! :(   :dunno:


Time for fireworks (which some sims tried to set off inside :scared: )


Later on, Amy was more lucky with Lilian  :heyhey:


Malcolm and Lucia were still… hot and cold :hmm:

Malcolm is a complex dude! He rolled the want to kiss Lucia; aaaaw! But then, a bit later, he rolled the want to “not be friends anymore”?! WTH, dude??


Selma had a bit to much to drink, but nothing a nap won’t fix :thumbs: Soon, she was as good as new! :lol:


Selma was having a fantastic night! She felt invisible, so she asked Ryder to make it official. He said yes; they’re now a couple!! :yahoo:


Ooh-la-la, flirting between Malcolm and Lucia  :popcorn:

This time the keg stand worked better :giggle:


As the dawn was breaking, so was the party. Ryder and Selma disappeared upstairs, while the hardcore party sims kept drinking downstairs :headbang:

Amy was struggling to keep up with Lilian. I think she is the toughest drinker in Bimlico, she never got drunk although she had plenty of juice and nectar! :pardon:


I added Lucia to the household to see if she would roll any wishes towards Malcolm. She only wanted to research science or analyse rocks and plants :facepalm:

I decided to interpret Malcolm‘s very conflicted wishes towards Lucia as him wanting to have a fling with her; nothing serious, just some fun, so I let them have a juiced kiss… Which led to a juiced woohoo :shock:


It was obvious that Lucia also wanted this to be a one-night thing. Even though she was part of the household, and could have slept in Malcolm‘s bed, she got out of bed, so I sent her home :)



With the teens

The Christmas holiday was over, and everyone was back at school.

The teens decided to spend an afternoon together, starting at Burgers ‘n Games.


Camille and Billy were flirting :flirty: …right behind Daria, who seemed too engulfed in her game with Etienne to notice!


Molly ordered fries for everyone, and Billy came to sit with Daria.

Afterwards, they talked, and Billy seemed so happy when he told Daria about what was happening between him and Camille  :(


They all went to Bimlico sports club, where some sims showed off their snowboarding skills. Camille was so impressed by Billy! He was just so perfect!!


Molly asked Camille to build a snowman with her so they could talk about the boys in private.

Camille: Silas called me at Christmas, asking about you! He is so crazy about you, just kiss him!

Molly: Okay!!



It was getting late, so the group split up and went home.

Back home, Billy and Camille went to his room to make out in secret again.

But when she left his room, she met her mother in the hallway!

Julia: :brow: What were you doing in Billy‘s room?

Camille: Uhh, I have to talk to you


They went to Camille‘s room, and she explained how she’d been in love with Billy for more than a year. Julia said it was okay. It was not ideal that they all live together, but if they really liked each other, she wasn’t going to forbid them to be together. Camille was relieved. Finally, they could be an official couple! Billy would be her boyfriend. Her BOYFRIEND! Squeeee!!! :joy:


Want to know what happened during the rest of this Winter? 


Birthdays in December


Jenny turned 8

Shannon turned 25

Gabriel turned 31

Marcel turned 44

Nate turned 64

5 comments on “(SimDec+Jan+Feb): Winter stories pt1
  1. batsheba says:

    Wow! Nice christmas party, never done one myself :pardon: to lazy to set it up :giggle: , I do hope everyone got what they wanted.

    And that was one news years eve party! Did they sleep the whole next day :chuckle: And fireworks, igloo woohoo, rejections, too much drinks, napping, one-night stands…. they really did it all :clap:

    Now it’s going to be dubble dating galore :heartpump:

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, Bats! :kiss: Haha, I was so lazy!! I literally just moved some furniture around to make room for everyone, and for the pile of gifts, and hat was that :chuckle:

      :giggle: YES, they all slept reaaally late the next day!! I think the last sims went to bed at 6am :headbang: It was a great party, I was so proud of my sims :toofunny: I don’t remember which type of party I chose :thinking: Maybe that had something to do with it? Maybe it was a “juice kegger” party… :dunno:

      Oh gosh, I’m SURE Camille and Molly are making all sorts of plans (double dates, double wedding, duplex house… :giggle: ).

  2. batsheba says:

    I’m bad at the whole party area so I can’t say I know the difference :chuckle: but I am planing my first wedding and hen party in-game :nod: so I’ll get some experience :roll:

  3. batsheba says:

    I’m a bit apprehensive about the hen party… it’s the sims and you’ll never know what to expect :roll: If you want to see pics I have a story tread on TSD where I’ll post them when it’s done :)

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