(SimDec+Jan+Feb): Winter stories pt2



With Shannon and Naima

A great way to start off the new year is with a total cleanse!

Shannon has started an ice swimmer club in Bimlico! So far, members are herself, Dylan, Joshua, and Mary.

1-2-3! Everyone stripped out of their clothes and ran into the ice cold water *brrrrr*


Race you to the sauna!!!


Shannon was in such a good mood when she returned home!

Naima had been shopping for a lovely dinner, and had invited her sister, Willa, and boyfriend Eric over that evening.


:wave3: Hi Willa and Eric!!


Naima is so excited to become an aunt :tearyeyes:


Time for dinner!


They had a lovely evening :heart:


When the guests went home, Shannon decided to go to the sports bar to watch that night’s game.


She came home quite late, but Naima didn’t mind! :cheesy:


 With Lucia

I was curious to see how Lucia would feel towards Malcolm after their New Year’s Eve one-night-stand, but she never rolled any wishes towards him – only about science, science, science :nerd:

One day in the lab at university, however, Lucia met Jacob, and I was surprised to see the two hit it off!

Jacob is a psychologist, so maybe that’s why he didn’t mind Lucia examining his head :giggle:


Lucia kept wanting to spend more time with Jacob, so when she saw him outside the Ping-Pong Café one late afternoon, she decided to ask him to hang out.



They had a game of ping-pong and a bite to eat, and walked downtown to one of Lucia‘s favourite places: the viewpoint roof terrace.

Love was in the air!




:clap: :clap: :clap:

This is why I love this game so much! This development between Lucia and Jacob was so surprising, but they were so into each other, that I had to let it happen :heartpump: It’s funny and awesome how sims really do seem to have a mind of their own. I was pushing Lucia to have an affair with Malcolm, but she was just not interested in him. But when Jacob stepped into her lab, all her science wishes were exchanged with wishes to interact with him! YAY!!  :joy:  

With Seth & Silas

Seth and Silas were enjoying a lazy weekend.


They had invited their friends over. Silas was playing the keyboard, while waiting for them to arrive.


I don’t know what it is about Justine, but everybody loves her!! She is by far the most “popular” toddler i Bimlico. Etienne brought her with him this day. Mia certainly didn’t mind having a toddler in the house again :sigh: ( :punish: Don’t get any ideas!!)


Silas hung with Etienne and Daria in his room reading (and discussing) comic books :nerd:


Seth and Billy were being silly downstairs, playing hacky sack indoors, and messing with the fireplace (Prof. Charles was pretty mad!)


Mia loved having the house full of young sims, and made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches.


There was something weird going on :thinking:  Daria was being very moody (maybe because Billy had told her about kissing Camille?), and hardly spoke to Billy (who is usually one of her favourite sims). Seth got the moodlet “attaractive company” and was veeery interested in Daria all of a sudden…. huh?? :dunno:


Billy left for some reason, but the rest of the teens went downtown to go bowling.

Daria vs. Seth

Etienne vs. Silas


Etienne is the worst bowler!! :toofunny:

…And then this happened :brow:


I really don’t see Daria as Seth‘s type of girl, but even thought she pranked him, he was still really attracted to her! :chuckle:


They totally made each other laugh, and of course Mr. Flirty rolled the wish to kiss Daria!


… I have no idea how this will go!!!  :scared:



With Jacob and Sienna

I wanted to spend some more time getting to know Bimlico’s newest residents, Jacob and Sienna, so let’s do that!

It’s Sienna‘s birthday in February, but she’s only turning 7, so no aging up :) Her dad had planned a great day for her!

It was a beautiful morning, and Sienna woke up in a great mood!


I couldn’t resist this picture of the Woods siblings walking to school together. Jenny is so rad!! :chuckle:


When  school was over, Jacob came to pick Sienna up, and she wanted to go to the swimming pool for some fun!


Jacob had a surprise for Sienna! He had invited all the kids from school (and some parents) to celebrate her birthday at the Old Water Tower! Everyone, young and old, had a great afternoon, and played in the snow and ate tacos until it got too dark.



Sienna was exhausted when they got home! They had a cup of hot chocolate, and off to bed :wave3:


With Oscar and Madeleine

As we have seen on a few occasions, things haven’t been going very well between Oscar and Madeleine :(

One evening, they went on a date at the new East Asian restaurant in the university area, but there was serious lack of chemistry, and they hardly had anything to say to each other :(

(Maybe in part because Porter was crashing their romantic dinner :chuckle: )


When they got home, the good Oscar decided to donate a lot of simoleans to his favourite charity, but that really didn’t please the frugal Madeleine. They had a huge fight! Madeleine accused Oscar of being unambitious (he is), and Oscar accused Madeleine of being a workaholic (she is!).

They are simply incompatible in too many ways :( But still, Oscar couldn’t believe what was happening… Madeleine wanted a divorce!! :cry:


It was so sad! They quickly divided their stuff between them, and Madeleine put hers in her enormous backpack, and moved out…

Oscar‘s sister, Julia, had been babysitting little Lucas, and when she brought him back, she was met by a heartbroken Oscar    :hugs:   :hugs:


:( Ugrh! Let’s not end this update on such a downer…. :sigh2:

Mike R and Alice always bring the romance ;)

With Mike and Alice

Just some random pictures of everyday life with Mike R and Alice  :sigh:




That’s it for the Winter season in Bimlico! :wave:

Birthdays in January


Misha turned 2

Magnus turned 9

Emily turned 33

Mia turned 43

Fred turned 44

Tyla turned 46

Evan turned 46

Mary turned 50

Seth R turned 61

Matthew turned 67

Ray turned 73

Birthdays in February


Pongo turned 2

Sienna turned 7

Seth+Silas turned 16

Daria turned 17

Adam turned 24

Alicia turned 29

Erica turned 30

Melanie turned 44

4 comments on “(SimDec+Jan+Feb): Winter stories pt2
  1. batsheba says:

    So much to comment…

    Ah, those polar bear clubs, see them all the time in my games :roll: I think there is more sims on the beach in winter than in summer :chuckle:

    And Jacob and Lucia, dumpster diving on the first date… :brow:

    You know, usually, you say love is in the air in spring time but you seem to have a bunch new budding romances already :sigh: the exception of poor Oscar and Madeleine :tearyeyes:

    Veddy, verya good update! Take care :hugs:

    • Sara says:

      I don’t know what it is with sims and swimming in the ocean at all times during the year?! :facepalm: But last year, when I saw Shannon doing it, it made sense to me! I think this bunch of sims are definitely true ice swimmers :chuckle:

      When I saw Lucia joining the dumpster diving, I thought “they might be meant for each other” :tearyeyes: :toofunny:

      YES! If Winter is Bimlico is so full of romance, imagine what Spring will be like!! :tearyeyes: :heartpump: (although… I am almost done with Spring in my game….. :thinking: ) :blum:

      Thank you so much, Bats!! It took me months to finish this update (seriously, I played all of this in jan-feb!!), so I’m super glad you liked it :giveheart:

      You’re the best! :grouphug2:

  2. batsheba says:

    At least your sims had saunas available, I’ll have to include that… or not….. :chuckle:

    And for the record, you and Sandy and the way you play is my dream game so your updates can never be boring only fun and inspiring! :kiss:

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