The Woods family share some Sims 2 memories….

Unfortunately, I never took screenshots of my game when I played the Sims2, and only figured out how to when I joined the Sims Daily! :facepalm:

I do have pictures for a tiny little flashback-story revolving around the time when little Jonas Woods joined the Woods family :)


:sigh: Ben has always been such a charmer! And so in love with his Clara.




:shock: What?! I had a risky woohoo mod, but I really didn’t plan on the Woods having a third baby.

Especially since they were living in a small apartment at the time with only two bedrooms (and a dining room converted to a third bedroom :thumbs: )!


Here’s a little interlude so you can meet the Woods children when they were little adorable Sims 2 toddlers :sigh:



Morning, Jasper!


:heart pump: The little Jenny! So cute!


And here’s Jenny with her aunt, Chloe. She didn’t make the cut, and had to stay back in Sims 2 world, poor girl. :sorry:

Well, back to the main story.


Oh dear, this was really happening! Clara was pregnant.

And while I tried to figure out how to rearrange the apartment

– if it was a boy, Jasper would share his room, if it was a boy, Jenny would share her dining room :chuckle:

Clara was so happy that the family was growing!


Here she’s giving Andrew the big news! Hi Sims 2-Andrew :wave3:


Wow, now she’s really pregnant!! Ben looks so cute and happy :tearyeyes:


The birth is happening!!

All the neighbours ran to the apartment to watch – completely normal Sims 2 behaviour :nod:

I’m not sure who it was worse for, Clara or Fred :dunno:



It was a happy day! Little Jonas was born and Jenny wouldn’t have to share her dining room :yahoo:

(Even though I know her Madame Tedhi wanted things to go differently :giggle: )


Oh Maya! Bad manners!


Clara was a happy mommy! (Although I do think she’s putting Jonas in Jenny’s crib here… :hmm: )


Soon it was time to celebrate Jonas’ first birthday, and naturally, the neighbours arrived! :wave3: Hi Seth!

And that’s it for the Woods family!

Ohh yeah, after Jonas’ birthday, Ben and Clara both rolled the wish to have… let say “more” kids…



NO! :punish:

14 comments on “The Woods family share some Sims 2 memories….
  1. Laurabcn says:

    :lol: The rolling of the ten kids wish is always my way to self-destruction is sims 2. At first I say “no way!”, but then I think “I can’t really refuse, it’s such a big wish…” and then it’s like “OMG five toddlers!!! Why did she have twins twice?!”. :pardon:
    Anyways, it was such a cute story! :heartpump: Your sims 2 pictures are adorable, and it’s so nice to see the family in their previous selves! I’ll admit in the sims 2 I don’t grow very attached to my simmies, mainly because once they get a hobby all the wishes they roll are silly hobby-related things, so they don’t really develop a personality that I can like..
    :chuckle: Someone remind me again that it’s pixel artificial beings we’re talking of.

    • Sara says:

      Oh gosh, I don’t think I ever had five toddlers at the same time!! I think 3 was the max :hmm: Phew!! I completed my Hayes-family “founders”‘s wish of marrying off 6 children (they had two sets of twins too) – to me THAT was hard! Especially since one was divorced before everyone was married… :roll:

      But thank you, Laura! It wasn’t really much of a “story” :chuckle: More like ” a bunch of old pictures”. I don’t think I managed to transfer Clara very well to a TS3-simmies…. But I like her!

      Yeah, you are right about the rolling of wishes, I often found them quite lame too. So I just ignored them :chuckle:

      See!! You infected me with the talksalot-virus!!!! :grouphug2:

  2. Biby and Tedhi says:

    Tedhi: Lol poor Fred! I remember this scene…Wasn’t he badly sunburnt too?
    Squee Baby Jonas :heart: . But then Toddler Jenny is just so adorable (her hair-godfather Augustin Ambroisie says :halloo: ) :giggle: I’m pretty sure I was all for Clara having twins ( 1 more boy and girl ) but then Ben and Clara have such beautiful kids, they suuure need to make more !! :sigh:

    Biby: Yeah :pinkcheer: they need more children! Jenny can share her brand new SIMS3 dining room with another sibling ;) …And they are ‘métisses’ (mixed-race ) ! Like me and Fafa :heartpump: …..And aren’t métisses the most beautiful children ?! :cheesy: :whistle:

    • Sara says:

      :toofunny: Yes, Tedhi, you of course wanted one of each!! :roll: (Jenny says :wave: to her hair-godfather!! :lol: ).

      Biby, instead of a fourth baby, they have a cat now, called Bubbles! Poor Jenny shouldn’t have to share her little dining room, right? :waiting:
      Yes, metisses are the most beautiful children in the world! :nod:

  3. Sandy says:


    Ben and Clara are so cuuuuute! I love Ben, with all his geek attitude! :sigh:
    Awwwwwwwww, baby Jasper!!!! :grouphug2: (I’m sure the baby bottle is for him! :giggle: )
    Jenny!!!! :tearyeyes: AWWWW, she’s SO adorable on that picture!!
    :toofunny: at Clara and Fred! This picture of Fred, with his sunburns, is such a CLASSIC! It’s like a picture issued from a famous movie! :sigh:
    Hello Jonas!!! :confetti: ( :giggle: @ Madame Tedhi who would have liked a girl! :D)
    :wave: Seth!
    Aww, they wanted more kids, and you didn’t let them?! :nah: What about…. TRIPLETS!!! :flirty:

    ( :cork: for a first story!!! :pinkcheer: )

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Thank you for your sweet comment, Sandy!!!

      .. ohhh, “sweet”, I wrote that too soon :shock: TRIPLETS?! :scared: Not for these two!! But maybe in the faaaaaaar distant future, they will have 10 grandchildren :toofunny:

  4. Kate says:

    Oh, I haven’t comment? :hmm:
    What a cute little story! And what a cute couple! Oh, and those pictures of Jasper and Jenna are the most beautiful, the cutest sims 2 pictures I have EVER seen! They’re so :tearyeyes: and :heartpump: !!! :kiss:
    And oh! Hello Chloe! :wave3: I hope she and Adrian will be happy in my no-named-yet town! :pinkcheer: :confetti2:
    Childbirth with neighbours, huh? Completely normal in the sims 2, yeah! :D
    Oh, Simmies have always big ambitions – 10 children, oh dear :heat:
    Oh, and that picture of Clara with really huuuge tummy and Ben holding plates, thinking of his darling wifey… :sigh:
    :kiss: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    • Sara says:

      :yahoo: Chloe is YOUR sim now, Kate!! That is too awesome…. Oh, hehe :chuckle: btw, Chloe has some ex-boyfriends in Bimlico :whistle:

      I love that picture of Ben looking at Clara and her huge belly too! He looks so proud :cry:

  5. Kim(mi) says:

    Ohhhh, I missed this in all the hectic stuff that’s my life at the moment! But it was sooooo much fun to see all these Simmies again! What cuties!
    I love how all the neighbours came running whenever there was any type of event going on! :giggle: Typical Sims 2!

    Awww Jasper and Jenny! :heart: This whole family is TOO adorable. Whether they’re Sims 2 or 3!

    • Sara says:

      :lol: I really liked that about Apartment Life – how all the neighbours came running when something was going on! Unfortunately for this particular apartment complex that meant that Cameron, the creepy bunny-suit wearing Elder (who always got into fights wit poor, poor Fred!) living on the fourth floor, often came over too :no:

  6. What a lovely look back on your TS2 sims :) Ben and Clara are so in love and Jasper, Jenny and Jonas are all adorable! You’ve transitioned them to TS3 so well!

  7. MissyHissy says:

    I cannot believe I missed this! :facepalm:
    Your Sims 2 sims are so lovely! I love how much you can see Ben and Clara are in love and they have three adorable children :heartpump:

    • Sara says:

      :grouphug2: Missy!!
      It’s pretty easy to miss stuff on my blog, I guess – it’s not always so intuitive :lol:

      Thank you for the sweet words about Ben and Clara and their family :) They really hold a special place with me (and psssst, watch out, there’s soon some Sims 3 news from them ;) )

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